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Fall Colors Are Here: Welcome Charcoal Gray & Charcoal Grid

Fall Colors Are Here: Welcome Charcoal Gray & Charcoal Grid

As big fans of understated luxury, we weren’t surprised to find ourselves increasingly drawn to shades of gray. The low-key color reminds us of simplicity, serenity, and elements found in nature. So when the time came to choose new colors for our Fall 2018 collection, gray was a no-brainer.

Already having light gray in our roster, we went for a slightly deeper shade this time, as well as a new pattern. Thus, charcoal gray and charcoal grid were born. Learn more about the inspiration and design process of these new colors below.

About the palette

When we think of charcoal, we typically think of black and dark gray colors. But after taking a better look, we realized that charcoal actually goes through many different shades, especially when burning.

Such is our charcoal gray color — featuring warm undertones, it changes its look depending on the amount of natural light in the room and can go from dark gray to warmish purple.

Its counterpart in the fall 2018 palette is charcoal grid — a minimalist windowpane (square) pattern comprised of a white base and charcoal gray lines.

The new additions might seem like total opposites at first, one being a rich deep shade and the other a light, breezy alternative. But because charcoal gray is repeated in the grid pattern, they coexist perfectly, are easy to mix and create unexpected variations when matched with other colors. You'll see they work well in bed, kitchen, and table linens.

About the inspiration

This summer, we were blessed with an incredible amount of hot, sunny days. The beautiful weather constantly drew us outside, we had picnics and road trips and plenty of other vivid experiences that will last a lifetime. Now it’s time to collect ourselves.

Fall is a transitional period when it’s good to stop and reset after the summer fun and before the intense winter holiday season. It’s important to ground yourself, find tranquility, peace. Thinking about this, we were deeply inspired by the concept of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present and aware of our actions, our surroundings, our experiences. Living in today’s fast-paced world, we have mostly lost it. Thus, practicing mindfulness is something we should all do and can do through mindful eating, mindful exercising, mindful home decor, mindful consumption and many more ways.

We'll be sharing more on how to live mindfully and how to bring the concept into your homes, so stay tuned! As for now, browse our new colors in bedding, table, and kitchen linens.

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