Meet Sandy Beige: a New Fall Color for your Home
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Meet Sandy Beige: a New Fall Color for your Home

Are you already longing for those long, warm, and blissful summer evenings? Us too! We just keep on wondering how to make summer stay just for a little while longer… It seems that we might have found the perfect solution! To bring all the best summer days together with us into fall, we’ve decided to take a piece of summer home with our new Sandy Beige home textile collection inspired by soft sand and golden beaches, beautiful late-August sunsets, and great memories that come along.

Why Sandy Beige?
Sandy Beige was created with the intent to bring a little bit of summer and some warm earthy tones to any home. The color is subtle and elegant, yet would look unique in any modern or classic interior. With brighter and warmer undertones, we consider Sandy Beige to be a long-lost sister to our best-selling color Natural Linen. 

What’s new? 
All of your beloved home textile products now come in Sandy Beige color too! From bedding sets to tea towels and tablecloths, Sandy Beige will find a place in any room at your house.

New Product
We are most excited to present a brand new product - a matching pajama set! Featuring shorts and a short sleeve top, this linen pajama set is created to bring you the maximum comfort and give you the best night’s sleep you deserve. The pajama set is incredibly soft and lightweight, yet has thermoregulation properties, so it is suitable for both summer and winter seasons. 

Sandy Beige for the bedroom
You can find all of your favorite bedroom linens in Sandy Beige too: from such staples as pillowcases and flat sheets to various size sets

Sandy Beige for the kitchen
Tablecloths, napkins, tea towels, placemats, and aprons now are also available in Sandy Beige. You can go for an all-beige monochromatic look or mix-and-match with any other color from our collection. 

Sandy Beige for the bathroom
To spruce up your morning and evening routines, you can pick up our Sandy Beige bathrobe in a new design. Featuring kimono sleeves, it is designed to have a loose fit and can be cinched at the waist with a tie.

Sandy Beige for the windows 
Does any of your rooms feel like they need just a little something to make them warmer and cozier? A new set of curtains in Sandy Beige might do the trick! Soft, easy draping, semi-sheer linen curtains provide privacy while at the same time letting just enough daylight in to keep the room cheerful.

Get ready for the cozy fall season - and keep the warmest summer memories at home with the new Sandy Beige collection!

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