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From Morning to Night in One Linen Dress

From Morning to Night in One Linen Dress

Many things can be said about linen and its natural qualities. If you read this blog or follow our social media, you've probably heard about linen being the strongest natural fiber in the world or that it's super breathable and absorbent. But have you ever thought about linen clothing's versatility?

Well, we have :) That's why we decided to put one of our all-time favorite linen dresses  ADRIA — to a little test and see how it holds up throughout the day, in various settings and occasions. 

The idea was simple: linen is lightweight so you can wear it comfortably for long periods of time; linen is breathable and absorbent so you can go all day without getting sweaty; lastly  linen has the unique ability to look both casual and sophisticated with a little change in accessories. See the results below!

Morning  breakfast with kids

We kicked off our experiment by meeting our lovely mommy Milda and her three beautiful children at a French bistro for some morning coffee and croissants. Milda was donning easy slides and a cross-body bag that outlined the effortless style of our linen dress.

Noon  busy at work

After sending her kids off to school and kindergarten, Milda headed to work where she styled the same linen dress with low heel pumps and a messy topknot. The white and gray color combination was neutral enough to fit into a more corporate environment despite the naturally crumpled linen texture.

After work  stroll in the park

With the work over and the weather being unforgivingly nice that day, we took Milda and her daughter for a stroll in a nearby park. The sun was starting to hide behind the clouds so we threw on a loose beige cardigan that beautifully complemented the colors and texture of the dress. Linen is a natural insulator and retains heat from your body but an extra layer never hurt nobody, now did it? :)

Evening  meeting with friends

Last stop for Milda was a quick meet-up with friends. The linen dress worked perfectly with heels, a dark blue vintage bag, and a dark red lipstick. Milda's bohemian look didn't go unnoticed and she told us she felt super comfortable due to the loose-fit style of the dress.

All in all, our hypothesis was proven correct  one linen dress can last you all day and into the night and compliment very different looks, moods, and settings. One thing you will have to embrace is the naturally wrinkly texture of linen, but hey, it's summer, let your body breathe!

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