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How to Measure for Curtains?

Posted on 06 November 2017

When you have decided on curtains style and color, one of the trickiest parts is to measure for curtains. Well, tricky at the beginning, but quite easy if you follow few simple steps.

1. Measure the width (left to right)

Use a metal tape measure for better accuracy.

First, you have to measure your window’s width. If your curtain rod (track) is wider than the window frame, measure the rod (track) width.

To decide on the width of a curtain panel, we recommend to double the window (rod/ track) width. It will provide beautiful drapes and ensure curtain fullness when it is closed. For example, if your window rod/ track is 2 yards long, choose 1 curtain panel 4 yards long or 2 curtain panels 2 yards each. Keep in mind that 50 inch wide panel will not look good if you try to cover a 50 inch window with it. 

If you want the deluxe, very full view, multiply window width by 2,5 or even 3.

Decide how many panels you would like to have. It could be one, two (most common) or more, depending on what look you want to have when the curtains aren’t closed during daytime.

2. Measure the length (top to bottom)

Measure from the rod top till the place where window curtains should end. If rod/ track is not yet hanged, interior designers recommend hanging panels a little bit higher than the window, usually 5-6 inches (around 15 cm) above the window. It will give a sense of height to the room.

How long the curtains should be? There are few common lengths (no need to be exact):

SILL. Measure from a rod pocket top till 0,5 inch (1 cm) above the sill. If you have a radiator, curtains should end 1-2" (around 3 cm) above the radiator to allow the heat circulation.

APRON. Length for these is 2-6 inches (5-15 cm) below the sill, depending on the depth of the apron, the wooden board that runs across the window and under the sill.

FULL. These curtains hang to within 1 inch (2,5 cm) of the floor. Measure in at least 3 positions as the dimensions can be different, and choose the shortest dimension.

PUDDLE. There are few types:

1 inch (2,5 cm) puddle for a more modern and crisp look. It provides nice view of drapery just resting on the floor.

2-3 inch (5-8 cm) puddle for a traditional look. It’s the most popular puddle today with the curtains slightly puddling on the floor.

The heading of the panels like tab top or rod pocket are included in the length of a curtain panel. Rod pockets and tab tops are approx. 2 inch (5 cm) diameter.

Ties are not included in the whole length of a curtain panel, they are approx. +2" (5 cm) when tied, or 12" (30 cm) when untied

3. Decide on the curtain style

There are few types of curtain headings:

Tab tops
Rod pocket with heading
Rod pocket

We can also customise for you simple finish for hooks. Please contact us before ordering!

There are few types of curtains design too:

Two toned
Pom poms edge

Our curtains all follow 'width x length' sizing to make it easier to find your favourite drapes in the size you need.

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