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How to Wash Linen

Posted on 26 July 2017

The natural beauty of linen is easily maintained, especially if you love the texture of little wrinkles, that makes linen so relax looking. 

You only have to master few simple tips about linen care and voilà! You won't ever need to worry while taking care of your linen textile.

1. Follow the care instructions

Always check the label of your new linen purchase. You may have washed other linen items before, but different producers use different quality raw material and treat linen differently. So care can also be different.

2. Wash in warm or cold water

You can choose either hand or machine wash. Nowadays hand washing is a rare choice, and it’s completely safe to machine wash using gentle program for your linen:

- max. 40°C/104°F washing temperature or even cold water,

- wash separately or with similar colors to prevent from coloring,

- use only mild detergent. No bleaching or detergents with color brighteners. These can discolor and weaken your linen sheets,

- do not overload your machine,

- rinse your linen properly in order to remove any detergent or fabric softener residue.

3. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat

Hanging your linens to dry is the best for the environment. However, these days people got used to the practical way of tumble drying that saves their precious time. You can use it for linen textile too, on low heat only. Try not to let linen dry completely if you are going to iron – linen is much easier to iron while damp. Use only cold or mid warm temperature for drying, as very hot drying may cause shrinking of a fabric.

We recommend not to overdry your linen when drying natural. It will become temporary stiff and not pleasant to the skin if you do so. Luckily, you can rewash it again.

4. Ironing is optional

You don’t have to. We suggest you to let your linen reveal it's magic while not ironing! Those adorable wrinkles are one of the things why people love linen so much.

Still don’t like wrinkles? To minimize the natural wrinkling properties you should follow these steps:

- hang linen bedding or clothing on a line/hanger to dry OR choose machine tumble dry on a low temperature/wrinkle release setting,

- use steam iron (best the inside of the fabric).

See, we told you it's easy? If you have more questions or issues related to linen care - please comment below or contact us by email team@magiclinen.com.

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