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5 Reasons Why Linen is Luxury

Posted on 03 December 2017

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. Throughout history, it has been a favourite of those in the higher echelons of power. Priests would use it for their vestments. Egyptian mummies were often found wrapped in linen, archaeologists believe one reason being that it was a symbol of wealth. And today, if you book a stay in a five-star hotel, the chances are you’ll be sleeping on linen bedding, because many high-profile guests such as celebrities and business people demand that feeling of luxury that you only get with linen bed sets. So why is linen a luxury?

Comfort all year round

Linen is an intensely breathable and heat-conductive fabric. When you wear linen clothing or sleep under a linen duvet during the winter months, it keeps you nice and warm. During the summer however, linen cools you off. The reason behind that is the natural properties of the fibers, which are hollow, wicking away moisture, moving air around easily and acting as a natural insulator.


Most people assume that linen is always more expensive than alternative fabrics, which is patently not the case as just a short browse through our own store will demonstrate. But even if you do end up spending a little more on linen towels, clothes or bedding, it’s more than worth the extra expense in the long run, because linen has such longevity. So strong and resilient are linen fibers in fact, that they are used in paper money, and were even woven into armour by the Ancient Greeks! This durability ensures linen can be a very smart investment, which is something more and more people are keeping in mind when shopping for new clothes or home furnishings.

Health properties

Linen is known for its antibacterial properties, drying much faster than cotton so that it creates less of a breeding ground for germs. Growing awareness of this means that linen towels are becoming increasingly popular for the bathroom and kitchen. Not only that, but linen is naturally anti-allergenic, and doesn’t retain odors as much as other fabrics either. Time for one more health benefit? The microscopic breaks in the linen fabric also gently massage your skin, helping to stimulate blood flow.


We all know the importance of using eco-friendly materials today, and the good news is that linen is one of the greenest fabrics around. Linen is made from the flax plant, which can grow happily in poor-quality soil, so it requires far less water than plants such as cotton, for example. Not only that, but the remainder of the plant is used for many other purposes, from linseed oil to food for livestock, so it’s very sustainable. Lastly, of course, linen is completely biodegradable, so once you decide to finally retire a linen garment, you can be confident that it won’t still be around in 1000 years.

Looking good

Whether you’re wearing linen, or making your bed with it, linen has style. Colours and designs may vary, but the distinct texture and appearance of linen is always obvious. You might not have spent a fortune on your linen, but don’t tell anyone that, because it’s one of those classic, subtle status symbols we all love for others to notice.

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