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Shipping to United States
Shipping to United States
Limited edition item!

This year, we have started exploring the idea of zero-waste in production. Over the season, we collected leftover material from our workshop, perfect material that otherwise would be thrown out. We have asked our lovely team to come up with the ideas and create something special - and couldn't believe the result!

These insanely lovely Christmas tree decorations are made with love in our workshop and will make your tree just a bit cozier. The set includes 4 Christmas decorations in the shape of a heart, glove, Christmas tree, and star.
  • 4 decorations: the shape of heart, glove, Christmas tree, and star
  • Natural color
  • Zero waste (made from perfect leftover materials)
  • 100% linen 
  • Limited edition
  • Limited quantity

Christmas tree decorations, set of 4


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