Shipping to United States
Shipping to United States

About MagicLinen

MagicLinen is a company from Europe, Lithuania, where linen growing, weaving and sewing traditions have roots from ancient times. From the old times to nowadays we are surrounded by linen textile being it bedding or table linens. We find it magical that the crafted linen items can be passed from generation to generation.

Magic Linen is a family business that combines skills in textile and décor. We have the best linen textile experts and highly skilled tailors in our team.

Our philosophy

We care a lot about eco-friendly, organic and slow living. We cherish classic values, at the same time being modern, opened to a world and new ideas, doing our best with a lot of enthusiasm and hard work. These principles reflect in the goods we deliver – we choose the most organic fabrics and enjoy the process of making items by hand than going to big factories.

How is it made

We use only European, OEKO tex certified, high-quality fabric. Most of our items are made of stonewashed linen. It’s the modern way of softening the linen without any harmful chemicals and making it extremely soft.

All our items are handmade. They are cut with tailor shears, sewed by skilled tailors especially for you. It’s the only way we can achieve the highest quality possible. We are perfectionists! Products are sewed locally in a small studio and packed with love.

The magic of linen

Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is very breathable, it regulates body temperature, creates a cool feeling in hot weather and comfort warmth in winter, as flax with its very long polymers has the best heat resistance and conductivity of all the commonly used textile fibers. Linen absorbs moisture well and at the same time releases it quickly, dries out fast. Linen fabric possesses rare bacteriological properties - it is a natural antiseptic, kills bacteria and fungus. It also reduces inflammation. Wearing linen clothes helps to get rid of some skin diseases - from a common rash to chronic eczema. It is also extremely durable.

Shipping worldwide

It doesn’t matter in what corner of the world you are. We can ship worldwide and it does not take ages to reach you. Most of our orders are sent to the US and it takes 1,5 – 2 weeks. Orders over 300 USD to the US are shipped with DHL expedited shipping so it takes only 2-3 business days for shipping and the package is delivered to your door.

Vida Murauskiene

Letter from the founder

Hi there! I am so happy to see you here. My name is Vita and I am the founder of MagicLinen. Growing up, I was always surrounded by natural materials: wood, clay, wool, and linen. I inherited this love and appreciation for nature from my family, and now I want to pass it down to other generations. I hope you discover the magic of linen and its natural properties.

Vita Murauskiene
Founder & Creative Director