9 Ways to Make Your Daily Life More Sustainable

It has never been more important to live a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. The world faces huge environmental problems, and we all need to do our part if we’re going to beat them. A good way to start is to take some time to consider the way we live, and whether there is anything we can do to reduce our impact on the planet. Here are a few bits of inspiration...

Consume less

Everything we buy, whether online or in a shop, comes with a second, hidden cost - to the planet. A good example is food mileage. Unless you’re buying from a local supplier, the products in your shopping trolley could have traveled all around the world, sometimes several times, before hitting the supermarket shelves, racking up lots of harmful CO2. For non-food products, think carefully before buying anything new. If you’re replacing something, is it something that could be fixed with a little effort? Or could you buy second-hand instead?

Go green with your wardrobe

Look for more sustainable products, such as our range of stylish linen clothing for women (we have everything from linen tops to pants or jumpsuits or even linen accessories) - linen is a very sustainable material. Many major fashion labels are also looking into using recycled materials for clothing. And when you’re finished with an item, if it’s still in good condition, donate it to charity or pass it on to someone else, rather than simply discarding it.

Eat healthier

Eat less meat. This is the one, single thing we could all do right now, to massively cut our carbon footprints. Even if it’s just one or two days a week that you go meat-free, you’re making a substantial difference. And it’s never been easier to eat vegetarian, with good meat alternatives, an ever-growing number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants around, and plenty of recipes to use whatever seasonal, locally grown vegetables you can lay your hands on.

Reduce water consumption at home

Cut your water use at home. A good way to do that is simply to take more showers instead of baths. Installing a low-flow shower head will also help you save the planet, and money, at the same time.

Help wildlife

Got a garden? Even if you only have a small patch of outside space or a window box, you can still help wildlife. Fit some bird feeders to your trees, put in a few ‘bug hotels’, and encourage bees to visit by planting nectar and pollen-rich plants. We might find them a bit creepy sometimes, but bugs are vital to the survival of the human race, and we should all do what we can to increase their numbers.

Reduce the use of plastic

Avoid plastics wherever possible. The majority of plastic water bottles, for instance, make their way to a landfill, or worse, the natural environment. So carry a reusable water bottle, coffee cup, and eating utensils, and a foldable reusable bag with you wherever you go, reject plastic straws, and if you can, try to limit your online shopping, as many products are wrapped for protection in non-recyclable plastic.

Use your car less

Leave the car at home. Another big win for the environment is if more people use public transport to get around, or better yet, cycle or walk.

Invest in eco-efficiencies around your home

Over time, solutions such as low-energy bulbs, insulation, and even solar panels, can save you a lot of money. One quick win is to switch to a renewable energy supplier. You may pay slightly more, but the satisfaction of knowing your home is being powered by the wind and sun could really make up for it.

Use eco-friendly household products.

Regular products such as washing-up liquid, shampoo, and soap often contain harmful chemicals that will eventually find their way to the waterways. Look for natural products instead, and you could even try making your own household cleaning products too!

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    Linen bib apron in Charcoal gray

    Was $49.00 (-8%)

    $45.08 CAD

    24 colors