Are Linen Sheets Good for Hot Sleepers

  • Feeling hot during sleep has a negative impact not only on our sleep quality but also on our well-being in general.
  • One of the simplest solutions for hot sleepers is to get a set of cooling bed sheets.
  • Cooling bed sheets are usually the ones that are made of natural fabrics, such as bamboo, cotton, or linen. They have the best moisture-wicking, breathability, and temperature-regulating properties.
Feeling hot during your sleep can be really tiring and exhausting. There are many reasons why people tend to feel hot at night - the weather temperature, physical or health conditions, inappropriate bedding set., etc.

No matter what is the reason you tend to feel hot - staying asleep can become a real challenge, and, of course, negatively impacts the quality of your sleep. While most of the hot sleepers start to look for the solution by getting an AC or changing their bed mattress - there is actually one more very important part of the solution many usually miss - the fabric of the bedsheets.

Bedsheets and bedding sets in general play a huge role in ensuring the highest quality of our sleep. An inappropriately chosen bedding set can lead to hot, restless nights, while the right one could improve the quality of your sleep by keeping you cool at night.

Linen is considered one of the best cooling sheets. So, what particularly makes linen such a great option for hot sleepers?

Reasons why to Choose Cooling Sheets

Before we dive into the analysis of the linen fabric, let's see, what could be the reasons for sleeping hot:

  • Climate. Perhaps the first and foremost reason people feel hot during the night is the hot and humid weather conditions. More heat - more sweat.
  • Mattress. Memory foam mattresses might be a reason you sweat during the night, especially if you live in a humid and high-temperature atmosphere. That's because memory foam retains all the heat of your body and isolates it. The solution to this should be cool- breathable and moisture-wicking - bedsheets!
  • Health and physical conditions. Even if you get a good mattress and the right set of bed sheets - it might not help to stop you from sweating. That's because sometimes people have high internal temperature themselves that keeps them hot no matter the external conditions. For example, feeling hot at night and intensive sweating is a common side effect of people who have diabetes or hyperthyroidism. All in all, if you struggle to find an external reason why do you feel hot during your sleep - you should seek some professional medical advice.
  • AC manipulation. This reason is particularly common among married couples. If one person feels hot during sleep while another gets cold - setting an AC becomes a challenge. Getting temperature-regulating bed sheets instead of fighting over the AC remote would be a much better solution to this problem.

The Best Cooling Sheets

Believe it or not, having the right sheet set might solve the sweating problem in a flash. For instance, if your bedding set is made of acrylic, flannel, or other thick fabrics that are not breathable, absorb moisture, and isolate body heat -simply switching it might be your long searched solution.

So, if you are a hot sleeper and have decided to invest in your sleep quality by changing your bedding set - cooling sheets are your choice to go.

Cooling sheets are the sheets made of fabrics that have cooling properties:

  • Moisture-wicking - do not absorb the moisture, such as body fluids, sweat, oils, etc.
  • Breathable - do not isolate the heat.
  • Temperature-regulating - keep your body warm when it's cold outside, and cool it down when it's hot.

The best cooling sheets are made of natural fabrics. For example, cotton sheets as well as percale sheet sets feel super cool to the touch. Also, natural bamboo sheets or those that are made of eucalyptus fibers are very breathable and have outstanding temperature-regulating properties.

Still, one of the most popular cooling sheets used for centuries is linen sheets. Natural linen fabric has all the cooling properties: it is light, extremely breathable, moisture-wicking, and even hypoallergenic.

Linen Sheets are the Best Cooling Sheets

Everyone knows that linen clothing is a perfect choice for the hot and humid season. But did you know that linen sheets are perfect for year-round use?

Linen Fabric has the Best Temperature-Regulating Properties

Linen is often associated only with the summer season - and that's fair! Linen sheets are a really perfect choice for hot and humid months because they keep you cool when it's hot.

However, linen bedding sets are also a great choice for the colder seasons because, unlike regular cotton sheets, they don't retain moisture and keep your body warm even when it's cold outside.

Linen Sheets are Breathable

Natural linen is made from fibers of the flax plant that provides linen fabric with unique qualities. One of the many cooling qualities of the linen fabric is a type of weave that allows more airflow. That's exactly what makes linen bed sheets so breathable.

Therefore, linen bed sheets are perfect for hot sleepers because they reduce the body heat and let the air circulate freely throughout the night.

Linen Sheets are Great for Sensitive Skin

In addition to breathability, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating properties, linen sheets also have authentic filtering properties. Because of such properties, linen fabric has way fewer germs, bacteria, and similar allergens that could be found in any other typical fabric.

Also, linen material is anti-static, which helps your skin to maintain a natural pH level. Together with filtering properties, linen sheets remain cool and dry no matter how long they are used.

Therefore, linen sheets are a great option not only for hot sleepers but also for people with various allergies and skin sensitivities.

Linen Bed Sheets are Comfortable

Sleeping in natural linen sheets is very soft and comfortable.

First of all, linen is natural and is scent-free (imagine some kind of synthetic material that smells like rubber or gum). Therefore, rest assured, your nose will not be irritated by any weird odor.

Also, linen is a very light material. Heavy and stuffy duvets that press the body down and isolate the heat is the worst enemy to any hot sleeper. Light linen sheets will gently cover your body leaving enough space for the airflow to keep you fresh and cool.

Finally, the finish of the linen material has many tiny breaks. Because of that, the linen sheets not only provide a soft feel but also have a massaging effect! And if you are not a fan of this - don't worry. Linen sheets become softer after each wash.

Do Research Before You Buy Linen Sheets

With all that broad variety of bed sheets available in the market, it’s important to be careful when buying natural linen sheets. Not always the price itself defines the quality of the product.

Unfortunately, not all linen products are equal. Some of them might be of lower quality or mixed with synthetic materials making the sheets less durable, breathable, and low quality in general.

Therefore, when you are about to buy a genuine linen sheet, make sure you read the product label carefully: pay attention to the substance of the material, where the product was manufactured, and how.

Doing some research before getting your beloved linen sheet set will ensure you’ll be able to enjoy all of its great qualities for many more years to come.

All things considered, linen sheets are great cooling sheets for a good night's sleep. Not only they are exceptionally breathable, moisture-wicking, and comfortable - they also come in a variety of colors and patterns! Not to mention the high-quality and durability that are probably the main reasons the linen is known for.

Perhaps, the one and only drawback of the linen sheets are the prices. 100 percent linen sheet sets are truly pricey compared to other fabrics. However, if high-quality sleep is your priority - it's totally worth investing in it!

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  • Dusty blue linen flat sheet

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    Dusty blue linen flat sheet

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    26 colors
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    Blue melange linen sheet set (4 pcs)

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    26 colors
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    Light gray linen fitted sheet

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