Can Bedding Cause Night Sweats?

  • There's nothing more annoying than sweating while sleeping - it's so uncomfortable and exhausting!
  • Night sweats can appear due to many different reasons - both external and physical ones, improper bedding is one of them.
  • The best bedding that prevents night sweats is the one that is made of natural materials.

Feeling hot during sleep and waking up because of the sweating is perhaps one of the most annoying things in the world! Not to mention the discomfort and damage to the quality of our sleep.

Night sweats, unfortunately, are a very common issue among people. And, it has a lot of side effects. For example, those who suffer from night sweats say that sweating at night is extremely tiring and negatively impacts the overall quality of their well-being.

So, the question is - what are the causes of night sweats? How to fight it and improve your sleeping experience?

What are the Causes of Night Sweats?

Sometimes sweating can be caused simply by too high room temperature or lack of fresh air. If opening the window, turning on the AC, or lowering the temperature of the room help you with your sweating - the problem is gone.

However, sweating at night can be caused by a variety of other reasons that require more effort to cope with. Therefore, in order to find the best solution to this problem, first of all, it's important to identify the actual reason for your excess sweating:

  • Medical issues. There are many different medical conditions that might cause the night sweats that no AC could get rid of. For example, Sleep apnea (and similar sleeping disorders), bacterial infections, diabetes, menopause, and menopausal women experiences that cause hot flashes, and etc. Usually, people that have some kind of health conditions take certain medications that can even intensify the excessive sweating. In this case, the only way to fight this problem is to consult with a professional medical specialist.
  • Low-quality mattress. Most of such mattresses are made from synthetic materials that don't have temperature-regulating properties. Such a mattress cannot absorb excess moisture or wick it away, instead - it isolates it and keeps your body temperature hot. If you think that this is your case, you are lucky! The only thing you need to do is to change your mattress to one that is made from natural materials that feature temperature-regulating and breathability properties.
  • Low-quality bedding/bedsheets. Believe it or not, in many cases, night sweats can be simply caused by inappropriate bedding that doesn't regulate body temperature, is thick and heavyweight. The best bedding for night sweats is the one that is natural, breathable, temperature-regulating, and lightweight. If you have identified that the reason for you waking up drenched in sweat could be your bedding - you need to change it right away!

What are the Best Bedding Materials for Night Sweats?

Now if you have analyzed all the potential reasons for the night sweats and thinking that your bedding is the one to blame - it's time to change it!

The best bedding for night sweats is the one that is made of natural fibers, like linen, wool, cotton, or natural bamboo. Such materials are perfect because they are:

  • Breathable
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Soft and nice to the skin (not irritating)

Most natural materials even have a cooling-effect, that can even help to reduce your body heat when it's hot!

Changing the Bedding

Start with the Mattress

One of the most recommended mattresses is probably a memory foam mattress. With the huge variety of different mattresses in the market, you can surely find a really good one at an affordable price. A memory foam mattress has a lot of benefits:

  • It provides temperature-regulating properties, meaning that it will help to keep your body temperature stable no matter if it's too hot or too cold outside. So universal!
  • It fits your body very well, therefore it's much more comfortable;
  • It is healthy and good for your body: no back or neck pain in the morning;
  • It is antibacterial - no dust mites or other bacteria will settle inside your mattress causing itchiness to your skin or allergies.

Also, have you heard about cooling mattress pads? That's a great invention and could help you with the night sweats considerably. This cooling mat absorbs the excess of moisture, regulates your body temperature, and cools you down. Seriously, you should take a look at those!

The Magic of Cooling Pillows

Cinnamon Linen Pillowcase


Natural covers of your pillows could really do a trick and prevent your upper body from sweating. But have you heard about cooling pillows and pillow covers? Just like the cooling mattress pad, a cooling pillow and pillow cover feature the ability to wick the moisture away and keep your body cool when you experience night sweats. That's especially relevant to women - we all know that gross feeling of wet hair wrapping the neck... So, it's fair to say that cooling pillows might be your lifesaver!

Change the Blanket or Duvet

Sage Green linen duvet cover


There's nothing worse than a heavyweight and thick duvet covering your sweaty body during your sleep. Therefore blankets and duvets are probably the most important part of the whole bedding as it covers the biggest part of your body.

No matter what you use - duvet, comforter, or blanket - make sure you choose the one that is pretty lightweight and do not press your body down. Also, choose from the covers made of natural materials as they are breathable, and moisture-wicking (for example cotton or linen duvet is always the best choice). Besides, they are durable and eco-friendly. For example, linen bedding that is made of 100% linen would work for you for many years to come!

Natural Bed Sheets = Better Night Sleep

Red Clay linen fitted sheet


And of course, time to change the sheets. The best sheets for those who experience hot flashes at night are also made only from natural materials (surprise, surprise...huh?).

Go for 100% cotton or linen sheets as they are the most universal and will fit in any interior design! Most importantly, they have all the benefits that will guarantee you high-quality sleep:

  • Both cotton and linen sheets are temperature regulating and have cooling properties.
  • Also, they are the most moisture-wicking materials from those used in the bedding industry.
  • If your night sweats are caused by inappropriate bedding, cotton or linen bedding will help you get rid of waking up in the middle of the night because of hotness and sweating.

Therefore, changing not only your duvet or comforter, but the whole bedding, including pillows, bed sheets, and duvet covers to the ones made of natural fabrics could seriously improve the quality of your sleep in no time!

TIP: Throwing away the synthetical bedding is a great solution to the sweating problem. However, for an extra effect, try to combine some of these tips along with it: leave a window open at least for 20-30 minutes before you go to bed; put a nice compact fan next to your bedside; always have a glass of cold or even iced water by your side.

All in all, night sweats are not the worst problem on Earth - when you identify the reason for it - getting rid of it might be easier than you may think. If your excessive sweating is most likely caused by inappropriate bedding - you are pretty lucky because now you know how to get your sweet night's sleep back! Discover our linen bedding!

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