Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Linen Lovers

Although the signs of winter are still yet to show, holiday shopping is already on lots of people’s minds. After all, we want to give our loved ones a thoughtful, meaningful gift that shows how much we care, and gifts like that are not easy to stumble upon.

Think of the best Christmas present you’ve ever received. Was it the most expensive one? Or was it the one that clearly had the most thought put into it, was handmade or otherwise precious to the gifter and yourself? We bet it’s the latter :)

That’s why we decided to put together a quick list of Christmas gift ideas that any linen lover will appreciate. Things that will not only serve a utilitarian purpose but help create beautiful new rituals with friends and family.

Gifts under $50

Let’s start with the small things. Those of you looking for original stocking stuffers or secret Santa ideas should really consider kitchen and table linens. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, they are highly functional as well, and will do justice to any household. We all cook and eat, after all.

Stylish, comfy, and durable linen aprons are a great way to encourage a budding chef or a gardener in your family. Linen bread bags will be a wonderful surprise to any baker. And if you think linen napkin sets are only appreciated by super-hosts, you couldn’t be more wrong - cloth napkins can be used in regular table settings and create a warm, cozy atmosphere every single day.

Gifts under $100

If you have a bigger budget to spend on holiday shopping, it’s worth considering linen tablecloths, curtains or even linen clothing.

Linen has a unique texture that adds a sense of understated luxury to any interior. It is one of the top trends in house decor today because it is so versatile and can easily complement any interior, from modern Scandinavian homes to rustic farmhouses.

Beyond being fashionable, linen has plenty of amazing natural qualities that can’t be compared to any other fabric. The unique structure of the flax fiber makes linen a highly breathable fabric, meaning it absorbs and releases moisture quickly, regulates heat, and is anti-static.

Gifts over $100

Mothers, fathers, grandparents, significant others, best friends - those are all people that take up a very special place in your life. They gave you the gift of life, they taught you to be the person you are today, they were there to pick you up when you were down and stood next to you during your triumphs.

Wow! How do you ever repay for that? Well, it can start with simple but important things, like daily compliments, calling to say you love and appreciate them, spending quality time together… And when that’s taken care of, and it’s time for more material gifts, linen bedding is probably the ultimate present that will last years and maybe even generations.


Most MagicLinen items are made-to-order and take time to prepare. We want to ensure you get them in time for Christmas, so we advise to place the order no later than November 20, 2018. Orders placed after that date will require express shipping to be delivered in time.

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