Coastal Grandmother trend: Best finds from MagicLinen

Have you heard about the latest coastal grandmother trend? Rumor has it that, it is the ultimate vibe for the summer. From TikTok stars to Anne Hathaway, seems like everyone wants to take part. And the best part is you don’t have to be a grandma or live by a coast to participate! This trend essentially refers to an aesthetic based on a lifestyle of middle-aged wealthy women spending their summer days in the Hamptons or other similar resorts, wearing classic and clean outfits. If that is something you are manifesting this upcoming summer, we have made a list of items from MagicLinen that will help you create your best coastal grandmother aesthetic!

Lightweight Linen shirt Hana

Having a staple button-up linen shirt is a must for any coastal grandmother. It’s an irreplaceable base item that can be worn on its own or used for layering. A white linen shirt is a classic choice, but having other options such as blue gingham, sandy beige or black will leave you with more outfit options. Our linen Hana shirt is oversized for maximum comfort and has an asymmetrical hemline and coconut buttons that make it more interesting.

If you are not a fan of button-up shirts, opt for other linen tops. Whichever style you prefer, linen tops are irreplaceable when it comes to creating coastal grandmother outfits. We have a variety of white linen tops, from short-sleeved tops to crop tops or sleeveless shirts.

Wide Linen Pants Banff In Black And White

Another essential is linen pants. Their lightweight and breathable which is ideal for the summer and also so easy to style. Any top, linen or not, can go with these. Our wide-leg linen pants Banff come in two classic colors - black and white. Together with a white linen top, linen pants are a great item to start building your coastal grandmother wardrobe. They are a great staple, so you can build the rest of your wardrobe around them.

White Royal Toscana Linen Dress

A white linen dress is the definition of a summer dress, right? It’s essential for anyone, not only for those following the coastal grandmother trend. It’s light and airy, so timeless and elegant, that it’s hard to find a better-suited clothing item for summer. Our Royal Toscana linen dress is the absolute leader in this category - after it was spotted worn by Meghan Markle, it became an overnight sensation and has been a bestseller ever since. However, if you prefer maxi-length dresses for summer, our dress Cetara is also a great option. With a color block at the end, it’s even more interesting than a regular white dress. We also have a top 5 White Linen dress list on our blog if you are interested in more styles.

Linen beach shirt Taos

If you commit to the coastal grandmother trend to the fullest and actually spend your summer by the beach, our linen beach shirt Taos can come in handy. It can be used as a cover-up over your swimsuit or as an extra layer when you are taking a beach walk during the afternoon or the evening in case it gets a bit chilly. Comes in two colors: ocean blue and white, so it can be easily styled with any outfit.

Linen Bucket Hat

A coastal grandmother look wouldn’t be complete without some accessories. The most crucial accessory is of course the hat. Straw hats are a great choice, but for those who prefer more heavy-weight hats, we offer our linen bucket hats. They come in four deep colors and are easy to pack too. Can’t you just imagine yourself strolling by the beach in a linen hat?

Linen Tote Bag

A great addition to your coastal grandmother look can be a linen tote bag. In addition to being very functional, roomy, and light to carry, it can also serve as a more sustainable option for any plastic bag you might need to use. We have just introduced an updated a tie tote bag that lets you tie the bag to keep everything that’s inside safe.

Well… are you prepared for your coastal grandmother summer? Hope our summer linen clothing can help you get the hang of it better. If you are still looking for the best linen clothing for you, we invite you to explore the whole SS’22 Collection with additional styles recently dropped! Check it out here.

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