Duvet Cover or Bedspread - Which One to Choose?

  • The choice of bedding reflects our personality and can even provide immediate insight into your sense of style.
  • Duvet covers are available in a wide range of materials and styles, including fresh linen for hot summer nights and brushed cotton for Fall and Winter.
  • Around 40% of Americans sleep with a duvet instead of a top sheet, this article addressing the age-old “bedspread versus duvet cover” debate.

The covers you sleep under and the way you dress your bed can affect not just the quality and comfort of your sleep but the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. One choice you no doubt have stumbled on time and time again is the age-old argument of duvet cover versus bedspread.

There are of course differences between duvets, duvet covers, and bedspreads, and what appeals to one person may not necessarily appeal to the next. In this article, we are going to look at these differences, and allow you to make the choice of duvet cover or bedspread for your own bedroom.

What is Bedspread?

Bedspreads have been around for centuries, and although they have evolved over time, they are still typically the same there were in the last century:

  • Typically they are bed covers that are woven, and that covers the bed, falling right down to the floor.
  • They are perfect for traditional bedrooms, and for folks that like to sleep under a large-sized and slightly weighted cover.
  • Bedspreads are available in a wide range of sizes and depending on the time of year, they can be used in conjunction with sheets and blankets or just a sheet.

In summer, a bedspread used with just a sheet is perfect for sleeping under; in winter, used with both sheets and blankets, a bedspread will keep you warm and snug. Nowadays, as well as traditional, woven bedspreads, you can find covers for your bed made from a wide variety of fabrics in decorative designs suitable for both adults and children. The idea for covering your bed in summer and spring, a bedspread will also provide you with extra warmth in winter.

So, in simple terms, a bedspread is a cover for your bed that is used to dress it, but that can also be used to keep you warm. Coverlets and comforters also fall into the same category as bedspreads, these also vary in thickness, size, and weight. Coverlets, like bedspreads, can be used for warmth, layering, and for decoration, and are usually used together with a combination of sheets and blankets.

Bedspreads: Final Thoughts

Bedspreads are used both for decoration and for warmth in the colder months. They are a layer of your bed that can be used during all seasons, with sheets and blankets in winter and with a simple sheet in spring or summer.

What is a Duvet Cover?

Before discussing what a duvet cover is, firstly we need to address what a duvet is:

  • Duvets are pillow-like sacks, filled with down feathers or other synthetic fillings;
  • They are protected from getting dirty by being used with a washable cover - duvet cover;
  • They are designed for use without sheets or blankets, making them a great option that is comfortable as well as one that cuts down on the time taken to dress your bed in the morning.

As you can buy duvet covers in a wide range of designs, you can change the look of your room by simply investing in a new cover. On the other hand, old fashioned bedspreads are often made from the same material as the curtains in the bedroom, making interchanging them impossible.

Duvet covers can also be used for comforters, as long as you double-check the size of cover you need to purchase. If you really like the feel of sleeping under a sheet, you can use one under your duvet.

So, let’s take a look at how you use a duvet cover. It really is quite simple - a duvet covers a duvet in the same way a pillowcase encloses your pillow. Duvet covers include ties or buttons to ensure they attach correctly but are easy to remove when it comes to changing and washing them. When you use a cover with your duvet, you won’t have to wash and dry a thick duvet, making them a really practical option.

How to Use Duvet Covers

So, the first time you try and use a duvet cover, you may find it a bit tricky. So, we are going to share with you some tips that will cut down the amount of time you spend battling with your duvet cover:

  1. Take your duvet cover out of its packaging, and turn it inside out, with the open end of the cover facing the bottom end of your bed.
  2. Lay your duvet on top of the cover you have prepared in the previous step.
  3. Starting from the top, simply roll your duvet and its cover as one, heading towards the bottom of the bed.
  4. Once a bundle has been created, you will then go on to invert the cover around its sides.
  5. Ensure you close the duvet cover correctly using the zipper or buttons or popper found at the open end of it.
  6. Unroll your bundle!

Duvet and Duvet Cover: Final Thoughts

When using a duvet, a duvet cover will protect it from damage, spills, dirt, and bodily fluids. Duvets covers are extremely versatile and are available in a wide range of materials, styles, colors, and prints. If you don’t like sleeping with a top sheet, or hate the hassle of making and dressing your bed, duvets are a great option.

Duvet covers are easy to store, washable, and are easy to remove from your duvet. If you like to swap and change the look of your bedding or bedroom, duvet covers are most certainly a great option. You can change the type of fabric you sleep under or the entire look of your room by simply investing in a new duvet cover. It’s far more cost-effective than buying a new bedspread, comforter set, and all the accessories that come with them.

Duvet Cover or Bedspread - Which One to Choose?

It really is down to personal tastes. Some people are adamant they will never get rid of their bedspread, while other people have never looked back and love the versatility that comes with duvets and duvet covers. Some people still prefer to dress over the top of their duvet with a bedspread of silk or satin that will give their bedroom added ambiance and style.

What most people are most bothered about is being warm in bed. Old-fashioned bedspreads were, after all, first designed in order to keep people warm. Over time, bed coverings have become not just functional and practical but also a way to add style and color to the bedroom. However, if you are not a fan of changing the duvet covers, in this case, a bedspread or comforter may be a better option.

With many different materials of bedspreads and comforters available today, it’s no wonder that some people get confused when shopping for bedding!

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