March Update: Every Bit Makes a Difference

There are millions of people in dire need, and we believe that every effort matters and it's our duty to support those in need, as well as spread the word, be transparent and share the initiatives we’re part of with you.

Our team has been deeply disturbed by the terrible events in Ukraine.⁠ As a result of our last initiative and your support, we have donated all of the earnings from the 25th of February to the ones that have been affected by war.
Last month, we have also donated bedding items to the local social orphanage in Lithuania, which is currently hosting 40 Ukrainian children refugees.

As well, we provided our bed linens, which were returned to us by our customers after the sleep trials, to Cornerstone community Outreach - a non-profit 501-c3 organization operating one of the largest homeless shelters in Chicago. They are putting bedding into the hands of CCO shelter guests who are moving out of one of their shelter programs into their own homes. As an added bonus, this also provides us an opportunity to avoid utilizing and wasting the products that were returned after sleep trials. Find out more about the organization here:

Our team encourages you to not stay indifferent and to help those in need however you can. Whether it’s donating, spreading awareness, or volunteering, every bit makes a difference.

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