Father's Day Gift Guide

Most of you’ll agree: your dad says he doesn’t want anything special for Father’s Day. But we all know how important it is to celebrate the special people in our lives, so we are left wracking our brains about what to gift him on this occasion. To avoid rushing around trying to find *THE* gift last-minute, we have gathered a Father’s Day gift guide for every type of dad, so you don’t show up empty-handed.

Have a look and find the perfect gift for your dad:

For an artsy dad: MagicLinen Bib Apron
Is your dad into DIY’ing various projects or likes spending summer afternoons by the BBQ? Getting him a high-quality linen apron could be an excellent choice then! The linen apron will protect the clothes while keeping your dad looking stylish. Our linen bib apron is highly absorbent and has a pocket to hold some tools or BBQ essentials. The apron has adjustable straps and comes in three rich colors: charcoal gray, cinnamon, and gray-blue.

For an always-classy dad: linen shirt or linen scarf
If your dad is someone whose outfits are always on point, you will not go wrong with a linen shirt or a linen scarf. Linen shirts should be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe - they are effortlessly stylish, very light, and breathable, meaning they are perfect for the upcoming summer months. Pick from various colors: from a classic white linen shirt to a rich matcha green color or a gingham pattern (or more!).

For a dad who is a home-body: a waffle blanket or a towel set
For those dads who love spending time at home and appreciate little cozy details and thoughtful details, we recommend gifting them our waffle blankets/throws or a towel set (also available separately). Our waffle-wave products are extremely soft and practical (have moisture-wicking and fast-drying properties) while giving off that cozy, nature-like vibe. Choose from a range of earthy colors: cinnamon, light gray, beige, gray-blue, dark gray, etc. If your dad likes to lounge around the house, our waffle linen bathrobe could be a great option too.

A splurge gift: bedding sets
If you want this year’s gift to be more of a grand gesture and to give your dad something really special, your go-to is our linen bedding set (either a sheet set or a duvet cover set). We guarantee that any dad would appreciate this gift - you will not be giving them a bedding set alone, but also the luxury of getting into bed with a fresh set of sheets and sleeping through the night without overheating. As a bonus, our sheets also look exquisite too: numerous color options, high-quality fabric and are extremely soft.

Still not sure what could be the perfect present for your dad? Check out our full Father’s Day gift guide here for more ideas.

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