Father's Day Crush: Interview with the Philippidis Family

Father's Day is here and we couldn't think of a better way to pay tribute to all the amazing, caring, loving, exemplary dads out there than by talking to one of them about the subtleties of fatherhood. So, without further ado, meet Mark Philippidis.

Mark and his lovely wife Beth live in a small coastal town in Australia. Mark is a builder, Beth is a stay at home mother. They have two beautiful little girls: Harriett who is 5 years old and has started school this year, and little Audrey who is 2.5. Together they like to play, read, explore the surroundings and organize picnics and gatherings with their loved ones.

Beth also runs a stunning Instagram account @bethphilippidis where she shares the sweet moments from her family's life... captured by none other than Mark! Get to know this beautiful family and their thoughts on parenthood below.

ML: Hi, Beth and Mark! Tell us how did you two meet and how did you become a family?

B: Mark and I first met when I was 17 years old. He was 20 at the time. We were friends for a few years until one weekend we started dating. He moved in that same week, we were engaged within two months and married a year later. Everything just felt right, everything slipped into place and everything was how it was meant to be.

We had always discussed children but we were both working in the beginning, saving for and designing our house to build. However, as soon as the time felt right, we become pregnant with our darling little Harriett and our journey in becoming a family really began.

ML: What are the main values that you foster in your family?

B & M: Honesty. Family Traditions. God. Respect for everyone and everything. And above all, love.

ML: Tell us more about your Instagram profile: how did it all begin and what role Mark plays in it?

B: Our Instagram profile started off as a small way for us to have fun taking photos together. Over time, it evolved into an opportunity to work with like-minded, extremely talented and amazingly beautiful brands. The style was shaped by my love of linen and all things natural, as well as my deep interest in history and the bygone times.

Mark's always had a very keen interest in photography, long before we were married. Once Harriett and Audrey were born, it really ignited a longing to capture every moment of those early years. The years and moments go by so quickly, so having all of our photographs helps us to relive these precious times.

ML: All of your photos are captured by Mark but he himself rarely appears in the frame...

M: I feel much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. However, we’ve realized recently that the girls will have so many photos of themselves and Beth, and hardly any of me in the frame so it is something we are trying to change.

ML: Mark, can you tell us more about your experience as a dad? Do you remember the first moment you realized you're a father?

M: When Harriett was born, Beth was exhausted from a very long labor and was trying to get some rest. Harriett was in her crib, all wrapped up and a little unsettled. The only thing that would calm her was my hand on her chest, rocking her gently and whispering shhh... It was at that moment that I truly felt I had become a father.

The best part about being a dad is all the personal moments that only you have the privilege of sharing with your children. The hardest part would be not always having the confidence that I’m doing everything right.

ML: How does it feel to be surrounded by three beautiful women every day?

M: As a builder, I’m surrounded by a very masculine environment on a daily basis so coming home to my three girls with many cuddles and kisses and the constant chatter of princesses and dolls is a pleasant change.

ML: How do the Philippidis celebrate Mother's and Father's days?

B & M: We use both of these days to celebrate how equally important our roles as parents are, as well as how grateful and blessed we are to have such positive and loving parents of our own to help guide not only us but their grandchildren as well.

On these days, we help the girls show gratitude and love by making breakfast in bed, giving drawings and handmade cards, and spending the day with family sharing a meal and memories.

ML: Mark, can you tell us your definition of a "modern father" and wish something to all the loving dads out there?

M: Being a modern dad to me means being hands-on and sharing all aspects whilst still embracing traditional family values. I wish all dads to understand how important they are in their children’s lives and to the family structure, and to cherish the moments as they are fleeting.

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