Simple winter decor ideas to create a cozy atmosphere in your home

Days are becoming shorter and outside is getting colder. There is no way of escaping the winter unless of course, you are lucky to be living in the southern hemisphere and your summer is about to start!

But winter is not all about the cold and short days, it is also about spending more time in the warmth of your home. Sipping on apple cinnamon tea (or mulled wine) and making each corner of your house that little bit cozier. Here are 10 ideas of how you can decorate your home this winter.

Add texture to your beds, chairs and sofas...

Invest in super soft blankets and throws. Place them on your sofas, chairs or your bed. Trust me when things start turning moody outside there is nothing better than snuggling up on your sofa and wrapping something soft around your shoulders. Cashmere or linen and cotton waffle blend throws are some of the softest out there!

Invest in fairy lights

Winter is the perfect time to get crafty at home. So why not pick up some fairy lights they are pretty easy to source this time of the year and will certainly add some magic and warmth to any room. You can wrap them around pretty much anything and most come with a battery switch so you don’t need to rely on your sockets.

Use candles to create magic

Now, who doesn’t love a candlelit dinner? But candles aren’t just for dinner tables. They are perfect ambience setters - why not light a cinnamon-scented candle next time you have a bubble bath?

Decorate with pine branches

During this time of the year there we tend to host more dinners at home than go out to eat. Pine branches work great as centrepieces and the smell will instantly transport you to the woods. Need I say more?

Create hoop wreaths

Feeling creative? Why not decorate your home with winter-inspired hoop wreaths. We’ve seen them everywhere this season, this could work great as a family activity.

Change your bedroom linen

Is it starting to look gloomy outside of your window yet? If so, changing your bedroom linen can be a great way of injecting some light and freshness into your bedroom. Add a few cuddly cushions and a soft throw for extra comfort don’t forget to add an extra alarm on (you might not want to leave your bed).

Beautifully decorated bedrooms captured by: @lauriedouceur, @jackelinesarahh, @ellefotografie

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