Creating a Fall Bedding Set with Charcoal Grid & Charcoal Gray

Just like nature is rapidly changing her outfit, it is time for us to revamp our interiors and invite more warmth and coziness into our homes as well.

Having introduced our fall collection back in August, which includes charcoal gray and charcoal grid (windowpane) pattern, we wanted to give you some pointers on how to mix and match them with the other colors in our assortment and create a lovely autumnal bedding ensemble.

Earthy tones with pops of color

It’s not uncommon to picture rich, dark hues when thinking of autumn-winter decor. And while such colors can help create a sense of coziness, they can also weigh down on the space and make it feel stuffy. That’s why we decided to go down a different route and play with a lighter color palette adding active pops of color here and there.

For our first set, we chose a natural linen color base because it looked pretty neutral while still very warm and homey. The natural linen color can vary in shades depending on the crop: sometimes it errs on the grayer side, and sometimes it is closer to beige, ecru. This time, we had to work with the latter.

We paired the natural linen color duvet cover with a variety of pillowcases in woodrose and charcoal gray. The woodrose mermaid ruffle pillowcases and bolster gave the bed a fuller, more decorative look and played well with the ruffle trim duvet cover.

Charcoal gray, which at the first thought was a bit of an outsider, worked very well in this setting and helped create a hierarchy in the pillow arrangement. Because it has a tendency to bring out different undertones – from dark gray to subtly purple – depending on the amount of natural light in the room, it didn’t clash with the other colors.

Contrasting minimalism

For the second set, we used charcoal grid and woodrose, both rather summerish tones that can also work in an autumnal bedroom decor.

Composed of a white base and charcoal gray stripes, the grid – or windowpane – pattern creates a very minimalist setting that can be easily modified by bringing in different colors and textures.

The stripped-down minimalism of a charcoal grid bedding set allowed us to bring almost any color into the mix. We chose woodrose accents (pillow shams and a waffle blanket), but in reality, you could pair it with gray blue, light gray, natural linen or even purple charcoal to achieve a bold but cozy look for fall.

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