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6 Easy Ways to Fold Linen Napkins

Posted on 19 July 2018

Last week on our blog we talked about dining alfresco and how to create beautiful outdoor tablescapes. Among fresh flowers, utensils, glassware and other decorations, napkins came up as one of the most important table elements that can really elevate the mood and create a fancier atmosphere.

If you’ve never folded a cloth napkin before, it might look like an unachievable task, but we want to assure you it’s really not that hard. Here are six easy ways to fold napkins that will not take you more than a few minutes each.

Check out the photos for finished results and scroll down to see a video tutorial!

1. The single pocket napkin fold

linen napkins

2. The French pleat napkin fold

linen napkins

3. The diamond pouch napkin fold

linen napkins

4. The cone napkin fold

linen napkins

5. The two-pocket napkin fold

linen napkins

6. The ring stuffer napkin fold

linen napkins

Remember that beautifully folded cloth napkins aren't just a nice way to decorate your table, they're also very useful for placing utensils, paper cards, menus or even small flowers inside the pockets.

Choose your favorite look and learn how to achieve the perfect result by watching this video tutorial below:

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