Easy Ideas How to Mix and Match Linen Bedding

Coordinating different bedding pieces into a harmonious arrangement can sometimes be challenging. From natural colors to bright yellow and earthy green tones, learning how to mix bed linen colors and textures in bedroom decorating can actually bring unexpected results. Here’s a range of stylish color schemes to inspire your bedroom decoration:

A mix of charcoal grays

If you are going for a sophisticated bedding look, but want to add something contemporary, a mix of our charcoal gray sheets could be your go-to. Charcoal gray goes perfectly as a foundation and the charcoal grid duvet cover and pillows add some pattern and lastly the dark gray waffle blanket texture into the mix. The final result looks so sophisticated and modern and would easily complement most home interiors.

Shades of blue and green

Greens and blues bring spring and nature into our homes. A mix of Matcha green, gray-blue, and dusty blue looks so calming and earthy. This color combination would really refresh any bedroom for the spring or summer season. Adding a dusty blue or light gray waffle blanket is optional but really adds some texture into the mix and brings everything together.

Different textures of natural and beige tones

There’s nothing wrong with a pop of color, but don’t feel obligated to add color to a neutral room. Natural and earthy tones in various textures are excellent to create a relaxing and soothing ambiance in the bedroom.

If you feel there’s a lack of a brighter accent, add some colorful cushion covers, a fluffy rug, or blanket. This decorating hack will add texture and significantly increase the coziness of your bedroom.

A mix of bright colors

For those who never settle for safe choices, we recommend trying mixing different bright colors. One of our favorite combinations is moss yellow and olive green. Even though the colors are quite vivid, the neutral undertones make the combination earthy and inviting. If your bedroom decor is somewhat muted and neutral, this bedding combination will definitely liven it up and bring a pop of color into it.

Whether you are into neutral tones or prefer something a bit crazier, we encourage you to use your imagination and choose something that tickles your fancy!

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