How to Organize Bed Linen?

  • Bed linen closet can become very messy in a very short period of time;
  • To avoid that - there are some tips and tricks on how to store your linens appropriately;
  • In the article below, we will show you some very straightforward ways to organize your bed linen closet nicely without too much trouble.
Everyone has at least one wardrobe or a drawer at home that is always full of random pillowcases, fitted sheets, towels, and blankets crammed randomly. What a headache it is to find anything in there!
Most often, the main reason why linen closets become chaotic so fast is inappropriate organizing. We fold blankets, pillow tops, and towels in random order and system. This results in a wardrobe closet that is like a 'black box ' - everything that is put in it somehow disappears forever. Not to mention the closet doors that don't close anymore.
In the article below, we will give you some super useful tips and tricks on how to organize your linen closet in a convenient way.

Empty Your Wardrobe

Your first goal is to get rid of anything that you haven't used for years now and that is ripped or damaged somehow. Simply speaking - make some storage space!
  • Be cold-hearted here and try to think rationally while deciding what's worth saving and what has to be given away. The best way to do that is to make a condition - anything that hasn't been used for the past year has to be thrown away!
  • Review all of the towels, bedsheets, pillowcases, and other linens thoroughly - anything that's damaged or stained should also go away (don't fool yourself, you're never gonna use it!)
  • Before you start putting everything back into the shelves - wash them, dry them well, and iron, if needed. You are not gonna believe what a huge difference this will make later when everything is put back nicely.
If you feel heartache about throwing something away - you can always donate it or gift it to someone else. Karma points are guaranteed!

Learn to Fold a Fitted Sheet

  • It is safe to say that fitted sheets are one of the biggest reasons why your linen closet is far from neat. It is also safe to claim that the majority of people still do not know how to fold a fitted sheet appropriately (no offense!)
  • Before you start putting your stuff back into the closet, start by folding your fitted sheets nicely. Afterward, everything will be a piece of cake!
  • Here's a nice explanatory video on how to fold a fitted sheet.

Sorting Out the Linens

  • Once you are left with only stuff you need, and it is nice and clean - you can start sorting it out.
  • The most common way to sort the linens is by size (Single, Queen, King, etc.)
  • Fold your pillowcases, sheets, fitted sheets, and duvet covers nicely, then separate each bedding set in piles by size. This is the best way to sort your bedding because whenever you need a new fresh set of bedding - you will find everything in one place - duvet cover, sheets/fitted sheet, and pillowcases.
  • Alternatively, you can sort out your linens and separate them by type - pillowcases, towels, sheets, blankets, etc. Then, put them back on the shelf, leaving the ones you use more frequently in a more accessible way, and the ones you tend to use more rarely - deeper and higher in the closet.
It is a great idea to label the piles of bedding sets by size. If you have many of them - it will be even easier to find what you look for. Label the shelves or use some plastic bins or boxes to put your linens in and label them with special labels or small handmade carton papers with letters K (for King size), or Q( for queen-size), etc.

Take Advantage of Bed Storage Box

  • Why squeeze everything in one wardrobe when you can separate your linens and have more free space?
  • In this case, bed storage boxes come in very handy. They create a great amount of free storage space and help you keep your linen closet organized for much longer.
  • It's up to you what you will put in your bed storage box and what you will leave in the closet. Our advice - items that are used more rarely should go in the bed storage box while those that are used frequently 0 should be left in the linen closet.

Use Wire Baskets, Plastic or Fabric Boxes

  • Your linen closet will remain neat and organized for a much longer time if you will use different types of storage baskets to put your stuff in.
  • Such storage bins separate different types of linen better - they do not overlap with each other, therefore the closet does not get messy so fast.
  • Label the plastic bins, wire baskets, or any type of storage boxes you use by size, color, style, or type (for guest room/bedroom/kids room, etc.). You will thank yourself later!

Fold Your Sets in Pillowcases

  • Here's one more smart trick for you that could really help to keep your linen closet neat - folding your bedding set into a pillowcase.
  • Fold your duvet cover, one pillowcase, and sheets nicely, and then store it all inside the other pillowcase. This way, whenever you need a new clean bedding set - you can grab it all in one place!
  • Not only this way makes it convenient to take the bedding set whenever you need it, but it also helps to ensure that your linens stay together in your cupboard.

Take Care of the Smell of Your Linen Closet

  • Once you get your linens clean and nicely folded, and they are sitting nicely organized in your linen closet - don't forget to put the cherry on top - ensure that your linens smell nice!
  • The most popular scent put in the cupboards or closets is lavender bags. Hanging some lavender bags in different spots of your closet will leave your linens smelling super nice and fresh.
  • Alternatively, you can use cedar blocks by putting them in different places inside your closet. Cedar blocks also help to prevent bugs and moths from eating your linen. If you don't have cedar blocks, you can use simple baking soda - it will do the same!
And that is pretty much all the important things you need to know to organize your linen bedding closet in the most convenient way! Not only will your closet doors finally close, but also your bed linen will remain organized for a much longer time. We hope you feel inspired!

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