Your old clothes have a purpose! Easy ways how you can recycle, donate or repurpose.



After what feels like an eternity, spring is beginning to bud. And with the first rays of sunshine, we are starting to peel away some of the layers from a long winter. That, of course, includes putting away some of our heavier clothes and pulling out lighter more breathable alternatives such as your linen clothes.

However, there are always a few items that no longer deserve the space in our wardrobe. It might be because that particular item has been your favourite for the last 10 years and the feeling is just not the same anymore. Or perhaps there are a few pairs of old jeans or linen pants that don’t feel as comfortable as they once did.

BUT before you go chucking your old clothes away consider a few alternative methods instead of feeding your trash can. Because once your garments end up in the bin they not only fill up landfill but may take hundreds of years to decompose as well as release methane and CO2 into the atmosphere during the breakdown process. So alternative methods for throwing your clothes away can be recycling, reselling, repurposing or donating. By doing this you will not only be putting old clothes to good use but also lowering your environmental impact.





Good news is that nearly 100% of textiles and clothing are recyclable as are our linen clothes. So for those items that are completely unwearable all you have to do is find a recycling drop-off spot closest to you. There is also an option to drop off old clothes and textiles to some retailers who now accept fashion items in their stores. To help you get going, we’ve put together a list of some of the initiatives that are available for clothing recycling in the US (however most of the bigger fashion retailers have the programs available worldwide). Not only will you be doing good but in most cases, you will receive $ off your next purchase if you recycle at a store.

If you think that bras can’t be recycled then thing again. The Bra Recyclers make this process super easy and you can read more here. By sending in your bra you will also be supporting a terrific cause!

North Face has launched its Clothes the Loop programe for shoes and clothing, where you can now drop off garments in any condition from any brand.

If you have a pair of unwanted jeans, Blue Jeans Go Green denim recycling initiative is the perfect solution. The initiative has special recycling bins at selected partner retailers including Livi’s, Madewell, rag & bone. You can turn in any style and any brand jeans for % off your next purchase. Your old jeans will become insulation for housing - pretty cool right!

Another global initiative is by H&M and called The Garment Collection Program. You can just drop off your bag of unwanted clothes to your local H&M store and they will take care of recycling for you. They welcome clothes from all brands and in any condition (old linen sheets and odd socks are welcome).





Recycling is not the only option of what you can do with unwanted clothes especially with items that are still in great shape and have only ever been worn once (pretty sure you can relate). Reselling is a great way to make some money back and also allows others to get a gorgeous piece for a fraction of the price. Don’t forget that photography is key - so take a few pictures of your item in daylight. Some of the most popular online reseller apps include: Poshmark, ASOS marketplace and ThredUP.




While reselling sounds great because of the financial benefit involved you might not have that much time on your hands to play around with pictures and answering questions about your items. This is why donating can be another great option for your unwanted clothes. You can bring your bag of clothes to places like The Salvation Army, Goodwill or Savers. However, not all clothes can be donated. Before you donate ensure that your items are in good condition, include all of the parts that ensure the item is still functional and is free of stains and rips. If the garment is completely unwearable recycling should be your go-to option.




Like mentioned earlier not everything can be donated or resold so if you have items that you won’t be able to donate why not find better uses for your unwanted material. Making washcloths, rags for washing your car or even new pillow enclosures are all great ways to repurpose clothes. There are dozens of ideas and if you find yourself lacking inspiration just check out Pinterest. Happy DIY’ing.

Every small step towards becoming more sustainable is encouraged! As for us, we try to reuse as much of our deadstock fabric (fabric that is left over after making linen clothing and our linen bedding) as possible. That is why we have repurposed our leftover linen fabrics and turned them into sample sets that you receive once you make your order.



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