How to Roll Silverware in a Linen Napkin?

  • When setting a table for a special occasion casual dinner with friends or family gathering, rolling silverware in a linen napkin might be a great idea.
  • Nicely rolled silverware upgrades the overall look of the table considerably.
  • This article will explain in detail how to correctly fold the silverware in a linen napkin.

We see how nice they set the tables at restaurants, in movies, and shows or special events and wonder - how is this done? What makes these tables look so elegant is not only the tablecloth that is perfectly matched with the other decorations but also the rolled silverware. This simple but genius table decoration idea gives the table a nice final touch of elegance.

Rolling silverware in a linen napkin is not time-consuming at all, it is perfect for on the go, and maintains your silverware in perfect condition (which is one very important detail). We have linen napkins in a variety of colors that will work perfectly for any occasion. Whether it is for a small or large event, for kids or adults, indoor or outdoor. It does not matter, this works for everyone and with anything. You will wonder why you had not done this sooner!

Anyway, let's dig in!

Supplies You Will Need:

Cutlery and either linen or paper napkins, square-shaped.

Process of Rolling Silverware in a Linen Napkin

Step 1

  • Make sure to gather all the supplies mentioned above.
  • Whichever color you have chosen will be just fine. It is very important that the napkins are square in shape in order for the silverware to fit perfectly.
  • Also in order for the napkins to hold the utensils, the napkins must be of a high quality so that they won't tear apart.

Step 2

  • Start by positioning the napkins on a flat surface.
  • Make sure that there is a corner of the napkin that faces the edge of the table. It does not matter what edge of the table, any of the edges will do.
  • Before going to the next step, double-check that your napkin is laying flat on the table.

Step 3

  • Now it's time to place the cutlery. The knife will go diagonally making sure the point of the knife passes the point of the napkin by about a 1/2 an inch.
  • The knife is the key element to placing your silverware because it will be the guide for the rest of the cutlery in making sure they all fit correctly to avoid any falling out.
  • When the knife is placed perfectly, you can now place the spoon and fork over the knife. Make sure it is the fork that is first directly on top of the knife. This will give you a nice and sturdy pile. All handles should be even with each other and bottoms touching.
  • Double-check the silverware to make sure it stays in place.

Step 4

  • For the first fold, you are going to fold the bottom corner right across the bottom ends of the silverware.
  • To make sure the cutlery does not move out of place, use your other hand to hold them down as you fold the napkin across. This will assure they are in place.

Step 5

  • Lastly, fold one of the side corners over the silverware and roll them into the linen napkin. Make sure everything is folded tightly.
  • Roll your silverware one last time to secure the wrapping. And that is it - at this point, your silverware should now look nicely wrapped!

Now that you have done your first try of rolling silverware you are surely prepared for your next event. A silverware, rolled in a nice linen napkin, is a very simple and elegant decorative detail that will leave your tables looking as if they were done professionally. It takes no time at all to learn and the final result is amazing! Just remember to always use better quality linen napkins so that you don't have any of them tearing. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this lesson and pass it on to your friends and family!

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