How to Set Up a Perfect Picnic?

If you didn’t have a picnic this summer, believe us, you are majorly missing out. Picnics are perfect for so many occasions: it’s an excellent idea for a date, a family event, or even to celebrate a birthday. However, to have the perfect picnic you will have to do a bit of prepping in advance. As picnic lovers, we have selected some tips to help you have the most enjoyable picnic experience.

Pick the right location

Usually, you would want a place that calming, in nature, maybe by a lake or sea. It’s ideal if you can find a place that has trees, so you can sit in the shade in case it gets too hot. Also, having a lot of space, especially if you plan to bring children, is always nice as they can run around and do various activities. If you plan to have a picnic on an extremely hot day, it’s advisable to go somewhere where you can have a swim to cool off, such as a lake or seaside.

Don’t stress that much about the food

Snacks indeed are essential but don’t get it wrong - you don’t have to make anything fancy! It’s better to have something that isn’t very messy and easy to transport. Some fresh fruit or berries would work well for a picnic - they are both delicious and healthy.

If you are planning a picnic date, having a nice glass of your favorite drink would make the experience even more romantic!

Bring something to do

Taking a book is an obvious choice - is there really a better way to read a book than in the fresh air surrounded by nature? However, we understand that reading is not for everyone, so some other options could be bringing an interesting board game or a pair of badminton rackets. A picnic could also be a great place to do a more exciting impromptu photoshoot! Also, if your picnic takes place near a river, lake or sea, don’t forget to bring your swimwear and have a swim.

The essential: picnic blanket

Don’t be afraid to improvise with your picnic blanket to create the aesthetic you want. You don’t need to stick to the basic plaid picnic blanket - MagicLinen waffle blankets or even simple flat sheets can work perfectly as picnic blankets. Don’t forget to add other necessities such as throw pillows or linen napkins! Besides helping you create a gorgeous aesthetic, they are also practical and functional!

Don’t leave a mess after yourself

Using your reusable linen napkins does not only create a beautiful setting but also is practical, sustainable, and saves money. Also, be sure to bring enough trash bags and collect everything you’ve brought with you. It’s important to not only enjoy nature yourself but also leave it nice for others to enjoy as well.

Be creative and spruce up your picnic setting with sustainable and practical MagicLinen goodies! From blankets to throw pillows or napkins, we have everything you need to set up that perfect picnic.

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