How to sleep better this Sleeptember

Counting sheep, drinking a large glass of warm milk, exercising: these are only a few remedies we often hear being thrown around when someone complains about struggling to fall asleep. With September being crowned as Sleeptember we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to hopefully inspire you to create your own perfect sleeping sanctuary.

Decorate with blue

According to experts blue or shades of blue are great for creating a calm and relaxing environment. If you think painting your walls blue might be a bit extreme try opting for blue bedding, pillows or bedding quilt.

Consider lighting

When it comes to perfect lighting in your bedroom we all have our individual preferences. Some people swear by blackout curtains that let in zero light. However, if you want something a little lighter and to keep your bedroom looking stylish you should consider linen curtains that block direct sunlight but add a touch of luxury to your decor.

Invest in plants

They don’t just look pretty, indoor plants help to clean the air inside! We recommend boston fern, spider plant or chinese evergreen. They've been featured in NASA's study which highlights plants that help to rid the indoor-air of toxic chemicals.


The main functionality of a bedroom is to be a place where you can rest and relax. That’s right it is not an office or your gym. We recommend decluttering and getting rid of all the things that create anxiety. Scandinavian style decor is great for inspiration and often means no TV in sight.

Natural hues

Natural hues such as beige, off white, camel and rust can help to create an intimate feeling room. Adding a touch of natural warmth to your bedroom decor will help to create a soothing atmosphere for unwinding and sleeping.

Beautifully decorated bedrooms captured by: @lauriedouceur, @mer_mag,, @brimoysa
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