How to Store and Organize Linen Sheets?

  • Linen closet can be a pain in the neck if it is full of random items and disorganized;
  • An organized and tidy linen closet is a huge relief - it prevents you from buying things you already have and helps you find the exact item you are looking for;
  • In the article below, we will introduce you to some easy rules (tips) on how to store and organize linen sheets so that you could find it at any time you want;

No matter if you have a small linen closet or a big one - if not organized properly it can quickly become like a 'black hole' - whatever you put in there - it just somehow disappearS! Therefore, you keep buying things you already have just because you cannot find it in your disorganized closet. Sounds familiar?

Keeping a linen closet neat seems like an impossible mission especially if you yourself are not the only one who manages it. That's why it is so important to create some general rules and organize your linen closet appropriately once and for all!

A well-organized linen closet is such a relief! And believe it or not, organizing it from the very scratch is super fun. So, let's dig in!

Organizing Linen Closet

You are not alone - we all cram our bedsheets, random pillowcases, and unfolded fitted sheets into the linen closet from time to time creating a total mess and thinking - we will get to it later.

If the time has come and you are out of patience - we have some awesome space-saving organization ideas to store your linens in a way that your bedsheets, pillowcases, blankets, and towels would finally have their designated place. No more open closet doors!

Get Rid of Non-Essential Linens

Time for some honest self-talk - take a look at your overloaded linen closet and take out all the linen sheets, faded pillowcases, and ripped blankets that you haven't used for the past few years (or even a year).

If you want to finally organize your linen closet so that it would remain neatly-greatly for a longer time -you have to keep only those items you really use. This filtering process of your linen closet is a very starting point because it makes space for free space for other items and lets you know what you actually have and what you might need. Besides, the less stuff you have - the easier it is to keep it organized!

TIP: As for the stuff you no longer use - pack it up and donate it if they are still in a proper condition.

Rule No.1: Store Only Clean Things

Imagine having some guests at your place and giving them some random bedding set or towels from your linen closet that are...actually DIRTY! No one wants that.

Therefore, save yourself some nerves and make sure that all the stuff you put in your linen closet is washed and dried appropriately.

For an extra mile, you can even iron your bed sheets and towels after drying them up. This way it will be much easier to fold them. Also, ironed sheets leave even more space in the closet. However, if most of your bed sheets are made of linen - ironing is not necessary as wrinkled natural linen sheets look even nicer in overall interior design!

TIP: Make sure the linens are completely dry before you put them in the closet. Even slightly damp textiles start to smell unpleasant.

Store Linens in the Boxes, Baskets, Bins

If you haven't discovered this method yet - you have to try it right away! There are tons of different boxes, baskets, bins available in the market. Choose the plastic, fabric, or wooden ones - similar style, color, or texture - all depends on your personal taste and, of course, your interior design.

Storing linens this way gives your closet a super clean and orderly look. Besides, it ensures that the order will remain for a much longer time.

Label the Baskets and Bins

Another way to go to create perfect order in your linen closet is to label the boxes, bins, trays, etc. Especially if your closet is smaller.

For example, stack your linen sheets in the fabric box with a lid and label it naming the color, size, or the room where it should go. It will keep your bedsheets away from the dust and you will always find what you're looking for without any stress.

Also, use small plastic boxes or containers to store soaps, scented items, little shower gel bottles - you name it! It will be right at your hand when you will need them.

Storing and Organizing Bed Sheet Sets

Get ready - you are about to hear one of the best lifesavers for organizing your bed sheet sets!

Forget digging your closet looking for matching pillowcases or bed sheets - fold all the bedding sets and put them in a matching pillowcase!

How to do that? Simply fold your flat sheet, fitted sheet, and one pillowcase into a form of a rectangle. After that, tuck the entire set into another pillowcase - bam! A perfectly folded bedding set is right at your hands!

Now, you can organize all those bundles according to their sizes, for example, put all the bedding sets in Queen size in one shelf, King size - in other, etc. (well, you got the idea). It all depends on how much space you have in your closet.

Learn How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Perhaps, one of the main reasons why your linen closet looks disorganized is improperly folding. Instead of stacking the bedsheets up nicely, we tend to simply drop them randomly in any shelf or drawer. Especially the fitted sheets!

Seriously, buddy...Master folding that fitted sheet properly once and for all! I know it seems the hard and tricky thing to do - but it's actually not! Believe me, it's so worth it!

Just think about it - once you learn how to fold fitted sheets properly - you will be halfway through the process of organizing your linen closet!

Fresh Smell of Your Linen Closet

Who doesn't like to dive into the freshly smelling, clean, and crispy bedding? That's heaven!

Since washing your bedding set every few days is not a solution to keep that fresh smell all the time - scented lavender bags, or similar fragrant dryer sheets might do a trick! Simply put those nice tiny bags in different spots of your closet and forget about them.

By the way, cedar blocks are also a great alternative to provide your linen closet with a nice smell. Besides, it even helps to prevent your linens from bugs and moths.

Finally, if you are a fan of more natural alternatives - try simple baking soda! Simply put a cup of baking soda inside your linen closet, preferably at the bottom of it - and rest assured that all the bad odors will go away!

Here you go, after completing all of these steps, you should have a fully organized linen closet! Of course, there are many more organization ideas you could try out, but these ones are the key to perfectly organized linen closets.

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