How to Store Linen Napkins?

  • Linen napkins are never out of style, especially these days when ecological issues are at the center of attention;
  • Linen napkins are not only convenient and practical to use, but they can also be a beautiful dining room or kitchen interior detail;
  • If you have a bunch of linen napkins and want to organize them nicely - we have some useful tips on storing linen napkins.

Napkins and placemats are not only nice table decorations - but they are also very functional. Cloth napkins never run out like the paper ones, they are easily washable and can also be used to roll the silverware in. Anyway, compared to the paper napkins, cloth napkins need a little storage place. It is important to store your linen napkins properly, especially if you want to find them easily whenever you need them, and to use them instantly without needing to iron them.

In the article below, we will give you some advice on how to store linen napkins nicely and orderly.

Separate and Sort Your Napkins

  • If you have many napkins, not only linen ones - first of all, we recommend you to sort them out by color, fabric, and style. By sorting them out like this, it will be very convenient to find the one you need at a particular time.
  • Sorting and separating napkins also prevents you from keeping the ones that are no longer useable and need to be thrown away. This way you will never grab a napkin that is actually stained or damaged.
  • When sorting out, separate the napkins from those you use more frequently (the ones you like more) and those you use more rarely. Those that are not that popular could go deeper in the storage place, and those you like to use more - in a more accessible place.

Storing Napkins

  • Containers/ Plastic boxes. Storing linen or any other cloth napkins in containers is the best way to store them. This way, napkins do not lose their form and are always ready for use. The important thing though is to fold the napkins to fit the size of the container. This will prevent napkins from creasing or wrinkling. The most popular way is to fold the napkins in thirds.
  • Cool and Dry place. If you choose to store napkins in plastic (or another type) containers, it is also important to remember that they need to be stored only in a cool and dry environment. Your wardrobe or drawers should work just fine!
TIP: If your containers are not transparent - you can label them with special stickers, or use a marker to mark them down, depending on what kind of containers you have.

How Many Napkins Should I Own?

There's actually no one number of how many sets of table napkins you should own. It really depends on how frequently you throw parties or friends' gatherings in your dining room. Of course, if you have guests quite frequently, you'd want to have a larger variety of different colors and style napkins to choose from. And on the opposite, if there's usually you and your family get around the table - it is totally enough to have, for example, three sets of high-quality linen napkins. They are very sturdy and durable, therefore they will work for you for many years to come.

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