How to Style Table Settings With Linen Accessories?

Spring is a wonderful time of year - the weather is getting nicer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the days are getting longer... Even better, we have another great holiday to look forward to - Easter! It seems like time has flown by since Christmas, doesn't it?

With that in mind, we decided to share with you some lovely ideas on how to dress up your table with linen accessories from Monica Giustina!

Monica is a popular food blogger living in a gorgeous place on Earth - Cortina d'Ampezzo in Italy. Apart from being a passionate cook, Monica is a professional architect and loves photography (check her Instagram , Pinterest, or Facebook profile and see yourself).

In the article below, Monica Giustina will present her ways of decorating the table for any occasion using natural linen accessories. Like she says - ‘My work as an architect has taught me a lot: to create moodboards with different materials, contrasts, affinities, material, and other light elements, to create a balance. After all, the table must be the representation of the host, but also of the way of seeing cooking.’

Challenges of Decorating the Table

According to Monica Giustina, the biggest challenge in organizing the table for any occasion is preparation: shopping, planning the timing, and most importantly, preparing a table worthy of the holidays.

That's why it's very important not to procrastinate here and start preparing well in advance. It is best to even leave some time for spontaneous and unplanned things that may arise during the preparation, to avoid additional stress.

Why Choose Linen Accessories for Setting the Table

Monica believes that table presentation is essential when receiving guests at home or dining with roommates - it makes people feel welcome and appreciated.

For table decoration, she always chooses linen fabrics because they can be elegant, yet fresh and without stiffness. They are suitable for any occasion, are multi-colored, often do not need a lot of decoration, and together with the mise en place, complete the table and make it timeless.

Linen fabric is also very universal and easy to style - to update the basic look, it is enough to simply add natural materials (such as wood, fir branches, or with berries) and, above all, do not go overboard with the colors: choose one or go for natural colors, or contrast with some bronze-colored ribbons.

How to Style Table Settings with Linen Accessories

Depending on the occasion, there are a variety of ways to incorporate linen accessories into any table setting:

  • For a more casual or minimalist table setting on the patio, Monica recommends pastel colors combined with flowered plates, satin flatware, and glasses with borders in the color of the linen. And of course - lots of fresh-cut flowers!
  • For a more special occasion or dinner at home, she chooses more charged colors, with copper cutlery (on teal fabrics) or gunmetal contrasting with an optical white, a sober and elegant centerpiece, glasses of very fine glass, and some tall vases with minimal long-stemmed flowers.

When choosing linen accessories, Monica gives preference to MagicLinen fabrics - she enjoys the proposed colors, the sets, the softness, and the adaptability to any style.

MagicLinen accessories are unique yet suitable for everyone, with a variety of shapes: more linear for modern homes or frilly for romantic interiors, but also with the possibility to mix types and have your own unique style.

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