How to Wear Linen in Winter?

  • Most people consider linen as Summer/Spring fabric because it's breathable, lightweight, and has cooling properties.
  • However, linen clothes could be perfectly worn in the colder seasons too!
  • In order to wear linen pieces when it's cold and not to freeze, you should know some valuable tips and tricks for implementing them into different outfits. Linen is labeled as one of the best fabrics to wear in the Spring and Summer season. - and that's totally understandable!

Linen fabric is extremely lightweight, has amazing breathability and temperature-regulating properties, and looks supernatural.

Sadly, when the Fall comes, linen clothes are hidden deep into the closets. And that's a shame! Because linen is perfectly suitable for wearing even in winter - in summer it allows the body to breathe, and in winter it retains the heat and prevents the body from freezing.

There is actually different thickness linen and most of it could be perfectly used all year round! Of course, if implemented into the outfit appropriately.

Linen has an exceptionally rich texture. Thanks to its strong flax fibers - it's very durable and ready to be worn even in the colder seasons.

Anyway, linen clothes alone won't make a great winter outfit. In order to not get cold while wearing it, you should know how to combine it with thicker materials, such as wool. In the article below we will introduce you to some time tested outfit ideas for colder months that include linen clothes.

Layering Linen Clothes

Layering clothes has never been as much in style as it is for the past few years now. It's enough to simply have some long-sleeved, neutral color knits, such as turtlenecks or sweaters that would work as a warm layer for your outfit, and everything that goes on top of it - depends on your imagination. One of the top layer options could also be a linen shirt or dress.

Another layering method popular in the fashion industry is tonal layering. Simply speaking, tonal layering is a method of layering the same color palette clothes that have different tones (ie: black with grey, beiges, etc). So, let's say you wear a long-sleeved black turtleneck and on top of that - a lightweight linen jacket, a nice oversized shirt, or even a linen dress in grey color. This way, the warm turtleneck will keep you warm, and the same color palette top layers will make your outfit look exceptional and stylish.

Tonal layering is especially recommended for people who prefer minimalistic outfits or are new in the fashion industry and wouldn't want to take too much risk. It ensures that your outfit doesn't look messy or chaotic.

Important: Layering clothes with different necklines is easier - therefore, choose a higher neck top under your linen shirt or linen dress in order to make your outfit look neat. For a more relaxed look - unbutton your linen shirt and let the turtleneck stand out of your outfit. This method would look awesome combined with wide-leg trousers or jeans.

Layering Different Material Clothes

One more great way to wear your beloved linen clothes in the colder months is to layer it with different materials, such as wool, silk, rayon, name it! Although some people think that layering different materials is out of fashion - we do not agree with that at all. Summer materials, like linen, could be perfectly mixed with winter ones, such as wool! Here's just a few inspiring outfit ideas:

  • Linen clothes look best when matched with materials like raw or crepe silk, cotton, or Tencel.
  • Bring duster vests to life! Wear it on top of your cool linen dresses or linen tops to warm yourself up.
  • Don't forget cardigans! There is a wide variety of those - long ones, short ones, made of wool or cotton - whatever works for you. A warm and soft long cardigan is a perfect solution when you want to wear your favorite linen dress in the Fall or Winter season.
TIP: Stick to the same color palette when combining different materials clothes (i.e. warm neutrals, grey tones, camel). This will ensure that your outfit won't look messy.

Warm Up Summer Outfits with Accessories

Adding warm accessories to your outfit is another great way to wear linen clothes.

  • Socks. Knee-high wool socks matching with your long linen dress or short linen pants would look just perfect! Such an outfit would look super cozy.
  • Scarves. A knitted wool scarf on top of the linen dress or shirt is also a great addition to your outfit in the colder season.
  • Boots. One of the most popular and fashionable ways to keep wearing your fancy linen dress in the Fall season is to combine it with tall boots! Tall boots, such as biker boots would look super cool with a lightweight beige or white tone linen dress. This outfit is simple but super fashionable. Moreover, your legs will never get cold!

TIP: Try switching tights with knee-socks. Tights can feel really uncomfortable under the dress as they tend to fall down while you move. Knee socks, on the other hand, are much more comfortable as they stick to your skin and stay in place while you move. Moreover, they'd look even greater combined with leather (i.e. biker type) boots.

All in all, linen is a truly great material to wear all year round - both in the warm weather and cold weather. Layering linen clothes with thicker materials ensures that you stay warm and also bring your outfit to the next level. Outfits combined from different material clothes look interesting and stylish. Not to mention the variety of warm accessories you can choose from to match with your linen clothes!

Therefore, it's time to get rid of old beliefs, change the old status quo, and discover the linen fabric from a whole new perspective! Get out of the box and wear your favorite linen clothes not only in summer by following any of our mentioned inspiring outfit ideas: layer up different materials and color tones, or add some fashionable accessories - there's always a creative way to implement linen into any outfit.

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