How to wear and pair men’s linen shirt this summer?

If you ask what the holy grail of a male summer wardrobe is, we would hands down answer and say that it has to be a linen shirt. Flax fiber is what makes linen garments feel breathable, lightweight, and carefree at the same time. Yes, linen tends to wrinkle but that’s also its charm and no male wardrobe should be without charm.

A linen shirt is also extremely versatile and it can go from smart to casual in minutes, you just need to get the pairing right. Men's linen clothing is not just about t-shirts during the summer and here are 5 different ways how you can keep your cool with a men’s linen shirt.

1. Long sleeve men’s linen shirt

Go classic by pairing linen trousers with a long sleeve linen shirt. This is the perfect men's clothing choice for dinner time when the evenings are warm and long.

2. Roll up your linen shirt sleeves

Your linen shirt should be worn relaxed but not too loose. To keep things looking casual roll up your shirt sleeves. And if you pair a light shirt with darker trousers you will add structure to your outfit without compromising on comfort.

3. Short sleeve men’s linen shirt

Running around town all day? Swap your cotton t-shirt for a short sleeve linen shirt this will keep you looking cool and stylish. If you’re worried that the look is too relaxed chuck a blazer on top and you are ready for business.

4. Band collar linen shirt

This has to be one of our favorites as the band collar gives the classic linen shirt a modern twist. It will work great with a pair of linen shorts and trainers.

5. Linen shirt with a jacket

All of the shirts we’ve mentioned go great with any type of jacket. However, there are a few rules to follow when pairing it with a jacket and the main question is to tuck the shirt or not to tuck. You can’t really go wrong with either but for a business occasion, we recommend tucking for a smarter more put-together look.

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