Inspiration for a Classy Easter Table Setting

When we think of the traditional Easter table our moms use to set for us, the image is quite kitschy. Multi-colored tableware, abundance of fresh flowers, brightly colored eggs, decorative rabbits and chicks here and there… The decor used to be loud, but the reason for it is simple: after enduring long, bleak winters, people are drawn to everything that screams springtime! so they often overdo it.

Nowadays, when more and more people embrace the Scandinavian and minimalist aesthetic, they search for modern Easter table decor ideas that would dial down on the folklore but still keep it traditional.

That’s why today on our blog we share some inspiration for a classy Easter table setting that comes from our dear friend Camilla Jørvard, aka Sigridsminde, and features our table linens.

A playful yet refined color scheme

First and foremost, what draws our attention to Camilla’s table setting is the highly contrasting color scheme. She has chosen a limited number of shades to play with and has established a clear color hierarchy making the whole set look tidy and cohesive.

The most dominant color is, of course, white. Starting with the walls to the crisp white linen tablecloth, potted snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) and the blooming branch arrangement hanging above the table.

To offset the sterility, Camilla layers vivid blue accents on top: blue linen napkins, blankets, and plates with blue ornaments. The space is tied together by mixing in some natural ingredients: wood, clay, and flora.

Small details, big difference

A well-thought-out palette is surely important for a chic table setting, but even that could be ruined by careless details. If you’ve already bothered to consider the colors of your tablescape, why not go further and pay close attention to the plates, glasses, silverware, and even food that you’re going to put on it.

We’ve already mentioned the perfectly matching colors, but pay attention to their decor. These plates chosen by Camilla are quite ornate, yet they work perfectly in this setting understated, minimalist setting. In the middle of each plate sits a simple white egg.

It is Easter and coloring eggs is surely one of the more prominent activities during this holiday. But remember it’s often the simplest and humblest things in life that make us awe. Maybe this year you can try a different DIY activity, like making elegant paper cut outs or a creative centerpiece out of fresh flowers.

Don’t be afraid to bend the rules a little bit. Refresh and renew in your heart, your mind, and your space. Happy Easter, everybody!

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