MagicLinen Tips for a ThanksGiving Table

Thanksgiving is one of the most important celebrations in the year, so we always look for different ways to make it special for our friends and family. The most common and traditional way of celebrating Thanksgiving is having dinner with our special people. We have compiled a small list of tips on how to make this year’s Thanksgiving dinner extraordinary.

High-quality table linens

When it comes to any kind of special occasion celebrated by having a family dinner, table linens play an important role. They create the whole atmosphere around the table - having a nice high-quality tablecloth usually means that the dinner is extra special and different from the usual weekday dinner. Even if you prefer simple or neutral tones or don’t want to add any additional decorations to your table, we recommend having a good quality tablecloth and napkins that can be used for years to come.

Thanksgiving-themed accents

Adding seasonal decorations like pumpkins is a popular way to decorate your Thanksgiving table. For those who don’t want to overcrowd their table, we recommend embroidered Thank-you napkins in natural linen colors. Having napkins on your dinner table is a necessity, so why not switch to more special ones, created especially for this occasion?

Add flowers, candles, or other centerpieces

If you want your Thanksgiving table to be a bit more elevated, adding flowers or candles could be a way to go. Flowers and natural candles could really compliment your Thanksgiving table, especially if you are using linen tablecloths and napkins. Flowers always add a bit of greenery and liveliness to a table setting. Also, you can always reuse them to decorate other parts of your home after the celebration is over.

Don’t overdo it with the food

We know that Thanksgiving is all about the food, but you really don’t need to spend neverending hours in the kitchen to be able to enjoy a nice dinner with your friends and family. Planning ahead and involving all of your family members in the process can make the dinner preparation easier and it’s also a nice bonding experience for the family. If you are not a professional Thanksgiving dinner maker, we recommend just sticking to the basics! Also, preparing too much food always leads to food waste, so try to avoid that.

Enjoy your time with your loved ones

After all, Thanksgiving should be the time you spend with the people you love. So, always keep in mind that it’s not really about how your table looks or what meals you serve, it’s just important to take time to thank everyone and everything you appreciate in life.
If you want some more inspiration on how to update your Thanksgiving table, discover our kitchen and table linens handmade from durable European flax and available in an array of colors, sizes, and styles here.
Happy Thanksgiving from the MagicLinen team!
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