MagicLinen x Morta Nakaitė: Upcycled Limited Edition Capsule

MagicLinen always strives to make sure that we have as few textile scraps and leftovers after the production process and minimize any fabric waste. However, it’s nearly impossible to avoid having at least some fabric leftovers. We are taking action to use up the leftover scraps ourselves (we have our own zero waste product selection), but then local designers reach out to us asking to use our leftover fabric scraps in their collections, we just feel over the moon with happiness! MagicLinen is all about supporting local designers and creators and using our fabric to the last bit, so this truly seems like a match made in heaven.

Local Lithuanian designer Morta Nakaitė has reached out to us asking to use our leftover fabric scraps to create her upcycled limited edition capsule. She says that her main idea was to create timeless pieces which seem simple at first glance but are truly unique, having distinct linen texture and cozy, after you get a better look at them. The collection features comfortable dresses with adjustable straps, shorts, kimonos, and tops. Of course, she also emphasized the importance of creating a production process that doesn’t leave any leftovers as well. The designer also invites everyone to look for contemporary smart consumption concepts.

To shop the collection, visit her website here:

To see more of her work, visit Morta Nakaitė’s social media pages:



Photo credits: Jonas Kentrus Aliukas, Greta Unguvaitytė

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