Linen styled your way and some serious 2020 #bedroomgoals

There is nothing we love seeing more than our MagicLinen items in your home! We are only two months into the new year and there has already been a flurry of images that you have captured and they are all so beautiful we couldn't help but share them. Beware of bedroom envy below!

Chunky knits add an extra layer of comfort and make your bedroom look super cozy! We also noticed that you just love to mix and match our linen bedding and it looks dreamy.

Now we might be a little bit bias but your pooches seem to think linen is best when it comes to bedding too.

Gray blue went away for a little while but came back due to popular demand and it looks very sophisticated when paired with woody elements.

Decorating your little ones' bedroom can be quite a challenge but we love how this particular mum has tackled it and given it a modern twist yet went back to basics by opting not to have a bed frame.

If you are feeling tired of winter then adding a touch of green to your bedroom can work like magic and bring back some much-needed vibrancy!

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