Rediscovering Beige: A Case for a Natural Linen Table Setting

Unless you were born or grew up in the early 90s, the hate for beige is probably not something you’re familiar with. However, those of us who did still get flashbacks of the all-beige interiors that were considered so contemporary at the time.

Beige wallpapers, shag carpeting, furniture — everything was painted in muted shades aspiring for minimalist decor, but really it just looked bland, boring, and tasteless. Thus, a sort of allergy for beige was developed and the color got soon replaced with white and gray hues.

Nonetheless, in recent years, many interior designers have been calling for a beige comeback, and we’re here to make another statement for this beautiful color.

Rediscovering beige

In our roster, beige manifests as the natural linen color. It’s a warm, subtle shade with brown and gray undertones. Natural linen color exudes warmth, coziness, and earthiness without looking sterile or cold as white and gray often do.

The natural linen color is neutral and mellow so it works well with bold, rich hues, especially blue because it balances out beige’s warm tones. Interestingly, beige really pops when placed in even lighter, i.e. white, interiors.

In this setting, the natural linen color tablecloth and napkins are the colorful accents that tie the room together. The potential dullness of an all-beige palette is offset with dark brown and gray accessories that also add texture and depth to the table setting. Such tablescape is like a chameleon: it's sophisticated enough to be used in formal settings, but can easily compliment a casual dinner at home.

Feng Shui in 2019

According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig. This means that comfort, calmness, and serenity should be at the forefront of interior design. The goal is to create a home that feels warm, safe, and functional.

If you’re following the principles of Feng Shui, this year you should really focus on the Earth element, especially in the Southwest (Love and Marriage), Northeast (Spiritual Growth), West (Creativity and Children), and Center bagua areas. A strong Earth element in these spaces provides stability, nourishment, and protection.

The main Feng Shui Earth element colors are all earthy tones: sandy yellows, beige, light browns, pastel pinks, and subtle grays. So natural linen is definitely a good choice for those looking to up their Feng Shui game in 2019. Take a look at how our lovely customers styled natural color table linens at their own homes and get inspired to add it to your interior:

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  • Striped in natural linen napkin set of 2

    $28.00 CAD

    36 colors
    Striped in natural linen napkin set of 2

    $28.00 CAD

    36 colors
  • Natural linen napkin set of 2

    $28.00 CAD

    36 colors
    Natural linen napkin set of 2

    $28.00 CAD

    36 colors