People of ML: Anželika, Head of Production, shares her Journey of Joy at MagicLinen

Step into the world of MagicLinen as we sit down for a chat with Anželika, our Head of Production. With a genuine love for what she does and a heart full of passion, Anželika brings a touch of magic to our team. Join us as we peel back the layers and discover what truly brings her joy amidst the hustle and bustle of our linen-filled days.

What aspect of working at MagicLinen brings you the most joy or fulfillment, and why?

The people I work with bring me the most joy. I really enjoy having the opportunity to creatively solve challenges and achieve goals while constantly learning and improving at the same time.

As one of the longest-tenured team members in MagicLinen, you've witnessed the company grow and achieve various milestones. Could you share the most significant moment that stands out to you from your time here?

I probably couldn't pick just one; all moments are important and very dear to me. One Christmas when we were struggling to pack orders in time, the marketing team came to our aid. We divided the tasks: some folded products, others placed them in bags, some printed stickers... It turned into a sort of Christmas order packaging train! :) I also remember one summer weekend when my vacation was supposed to start on Monday. I received calls from colleagues asking if I knew, if I had seen... I was confused and didn't understand what was happening, then later I saw a photo of Meghan Markle wearing our dress Toscana. I couldn't believe it was real! I postponed my vacation and cheerfully joined the team in work. There was a lot of work, but also plenty of good emotions. It was a great proof that as a team, we are strong and united.

People of ML: Anželika, Head of Production

Considering your work with many external partners, how do you ensure you stay true to your values when dealing with individuals who have different outlooks?

As a Head of Production dealing with external partners of various perspectives, I certainly face many challenges. But I always adhere to one principle: treat others as you would like them to treat you. Respect, tolerance, openness, and dialogue. I constantly strive to evaluate our cooperation with partners and learn from my experience, aiming to improve and enhance our relationships while maintaining our values and goals.

We're all human, and we've all had those days where things just don't go as planned. Can you share a funny or relatable "oops" moment you've had in MagicLinen?

Oh, there are plenty of such situations in production! :) I remember waiting for a shipment of fabrics which was already delayed. We were supposed to receive the fabric for a photoshoot (we had about 1.5 days left before sending out the products), and at some point, I found out that our fabrics had been mistakenly delivered elsewhere. I had to chase the truck with our fabrics. I drove with my car, called our local driver for help, because I couldn't handle it alone. We stopped the truck in the middle of the fields, had to search among piles of rolls to find ours. The truck driver was shocked; he said he had never experienced anything like that before! :) But we managed it, and after a good hour, we delivered the fabrics to our production house. We made it happen! The photoshoot was on :)

People of ML: Anželika, Head of Production

Are there any quirky or unique traditions within the production department that contribute to maintaining a positive and upbeat atmosphere?

In production, there are sometimes "oops" situations, and we sometimes have to solve certain problems. I don't like expressions like "we have a problem", so in our team, we say "we have an interesting situation", it's easier to find solutions with a smile :) Our morning starts with cheerful greetings in the production chat even before arriving at the office. Sometimes, when there's something I need urgently, I approach my colleagues and first ask, "What do you like?" It always brings a wide smile back and the answer, "How can I help?" It's very enjoyable. The production team is like fingers on one hand - we take pride in it, and together there's nothing we can't do.

People of ML: Anželika, Head of Production

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for overall well-being. How do you ensure that you prioritize your personal life while managing your responsibilities at MagicLinen?

When you do what you love, you don't get tired. As they say, you're a happy person if you do what you love. I'm happy :) Of course, it's important to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. I love nature - walking in the woods, listening to birds, observing nature, and capturing certain moments in photos. It fills me with energy and allows me to move forward. I have three children, and they are my greatest treasure and joy. My family and home are my safe harbor.

If MagicLinen hosted a company talent show, what would be your go-to act to showcase your unique talents and bring some laughter to the team?

I'm a very positive person, so I think my performance would be related to humor...

From the laughter-filled memories of impromptu team efforts to the simple joy of making someone smile, Anželika reminds us of the beauty in finding fulfillment in the little moments.

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