People of ML. A Year of Success: Rasa's Journey at MagicLinen

Meet Rasa, our dedicated B2B Sales Account Manager, as she reflects on her eventful first year at MagicLinen. Join her journey as she provides an insightful glimpse into the life at MagicLinen: from bustling fairs in New York City to the delicate act of juggling work and personal life.

What's your all-time favorite product of MagicLinen, and why does it hold a special place in your heart?

Upon joining MagicLinen, I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of products we offer. My initial encounter with waffle towels left me unable to envision my kitchen and bathroom without them. However, this summer, a particular item captured my heart: the Tahiti dress, a fresh addition from the SS23 collection. Starting with a pristine white version, I soon found myself irresistibly drawn to acquiring the black one as well. Its versatility astounded me — from intimate family gatherings to professional office settings and work exhibitions, it seamlessly transitioned. Undoubtedly, this dress became my ultimate summer favorite!

Can you share an amusing or unexpected encounter you had with a client or colleague during your year with MagicLinen?

We recently returned from our inaugural wholesale fair in London. On the final day, just as the exhibition was ending, a customer approached our booth. As we conversed, we discovered that her upcoming business venture would align seamlessly with our products. We offered her the option to purchase a selection of items from our booth sale, and she eagerly took a significant quantity. However, when she attempted to pay with her card, it was declined multiple times. With the fair on the verge of closing, we grappled with this payment issue. Recognizing the urgency, we agreed that she would organize an alternative payment method.

While she was away, we efficiently packed up all our products and exited the exhibition center. There was a bit of uncertainty regarding whether the customer would return, so we attempted to arrange an Uber to transport our belongings back to the hotel. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on our side with the ride service. Luckily, there was a small bar conveniently located on the corner.

During our wait, the customer reached out to us, confirming that she had solved the problem and was en route to meet us. We were relieved to hear this news. Ultimately, we all gathered at the bar, where we enjoyed a well-deserved rest, got to know each other better, and concluded the exhibition on a high note. It was undoubtedly a gratifying end of this event!

People of ML - B2B Manager - Wholesale

Recently you have visited New York for the Shoppe Object fair for the second time; could you tell us about your most memorable experience from these trips to US?

I'm delighted that I had the opportunity to visit NYC twice in one year with MagicLinen. I'm truly grateful for this incredible experience. Despite the unique adventure we had, one particular memory from February remains unforgettable. On our second night at the hotel, after returning from setting up the booth for the tradeshow, Gabrielė and I discovered that the heating in our room had ceased to function; we couldn't get it to turn on. It was late evening, and the temperature outside was a frigid 10°F. Gabrielė and I opted to get some rest and address the issue in the morning. Using a hair dryer to warm our duvets, we managed to get a decent night's sleep and tough out the cold night. Morning greeted us with a room temperature of only 45°F — it was bone-chilling. Without delay, we contacted the hotel manager and swiftly made our way to a warm café for breakfast. While the heating was eventually fixed later that day, we'll forever remember this unforgettable episode.

Have you discovered any hidden gems or must-visit spots in New York City during these trips? Any local favorites you'd recommend?

During winter, we stumbled upon a charming Greek-style coffee shop in the Wall Street district. Offering top-notch coffee and food, we found ourselves returning a few times during our trip. Additionally, the walk from the exhibition center in Lower East Side to our hotel in Wall Street along the river was simply breathtaking. The view was truly stunning!

When faced with difficult or challenging situations at work, how do you stay true to yourself and your core values?

My previous work experience has taught me valuable lessons in handling challenging situations. My approach has consistently been to analyze the situation or problem and determine the best course of action to achieve a positive outcome without resorting to negative behavior towards others. I deeply appreciate individuals who can effectively manage stressful situations in a constructive manner, and I am committed to honing this skill myself.

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What are your go-to strategies for de-stressing and recharging after a particularly challenging day or week at the office?

Spending time with my kids has a remarkable way of swiftly easing away work-related stress. When I crave some solitude, I opt for a run or a bike ride, which consistently proves effective in clearing my mind.

In the spirit of work-life balance, could you share a hobby or activity outside of work that you find fulfilling and relaxing?

Since childhood, I've been captivated by crafting. I dived into hand embroidery, knitting, and sewing. When I became a mom, I began sewing everything for my baby. Eleven years on, I still dedicate my spare time to sewing, whether it's for myself or my children. My most recent endeavor involved creating and embellishing a gymnastics competition leotard for my daughter. It was a substantial challenge, yet it provided a perfect form of therapy! I relish the opportunity to try my hand at crafting something I've never done before!

If you could sum up your year at the company in a single emoji, which one would it be, and why?


The past year brought a whirlwind of exhilarating moments and experiences - from incredible trips to sharing laughs with my amusing, cheeky, and amiable colleagues. Of course, it also presented its fair share of challenges. What I truly appreciate is the fellowship I share with my exceptional team lead, Gabrielė, and the rest of my coworkers. Being part of a company where people are not only friendly and funny but also make you feel genuinely valued is one of the most important aspects for me.

If you could compare your work journey to a type of weather, what weather condition best captures your experience, and why?

Sometimes, during the summer, we're graced with a beautiful sunny day, knowing a storm is expected later. When the moment arrives, suddenly the wind picks up, dark clouds gather, and you believe it's beginning. Yet, as time passes, the wind subsides, and the sun reappears. I find this scenario mirrors my year with Magic Linen. Occasionally, we face challenging situations, make mistakes, and encounter those metaphorical dark clouds. However, we consistently find ways to improve and circumvent major storms.

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