People of ML: Meet Judita, Our Head of B2B, Sharing Her Inspiring Journey

Meet Judita, our committed Head of B2B, as she shares her reflections on her journey with MagicLinen. Follow along as she offers a glimpse into life at MagicLinen, from bustling trade fairs to the delicate art of unwinding after a day's work.

Is there something at MagicLinen that always brings a smile to your face when you think about it?

My colleagues :) I believe that working in an environment surrounded by curious, intelligent, and warm-hearted colleagues is paramount for personal growth and achieving meaningful results.

We know work can be intense sometimes. How do you unwind or have fun after tackling a big project or overcoming a challenge?

My family and home serve as my sanctuaries, where I can unwind and reconnect with myself. Residing in a house offers numerous advantages, particularly during the summer months. Engaging in activities like planting vegetables, tending to fruit trees, or enjoying outings to the nearby lake rejuvenates my energy and uplifts my spirit.

People of ML: Meet Judita, Our Head of B2B - MagicLinen

You have recently visited Paris and London for fairs. Could you share any recommendations or hidden gems that you discovered during your free time?

The "Tradeshow Marathon", as we fondly dubbed it, was incredibly demanding. While it might seem hectic, our schedule left little room for exploring beyond the essential sights. With long hours spent at the tradeshow, exhaustion was inevitable, making evenings a cherished time for unwinding in our apartments.

During these trips, have there been any hilarious or unexpected moments that you can share with us?

Pleasant memories tend to fade, but one particular moment from the Maison&Objet tradeshow in Paris remains vivid in my mind. It was a "shocking" experience that I'll never forget: walking into our booth 12 hours before the start of the event to find dirty, barren walls and litter strewn about. As a representative of MagicLinen attending the tradeshow for the first time, I was tasked with booth reservation and setup. Little did I realize that simply paying for the space wouldn't guarantee the pristine white walls we had enjoyed at the London tradeshow. Different countries and trade show organizers have varying rules, as I soon discovered. It turned out that every detail, including walls, ceilings, and floors, had to be ordered separately. Thankfully, we weren't alone in facing this issue, and it was swiftly resolved. However, the initial shock and the sight of the disarray stayed with us throughout the journey.

People of ML: Meet Judita, Our Head of B2B - MagicLinen

In any professional setting, staying true to oneself can be a challenge. How do you personally ensure you remain authentic and true to your values and beliefs while navigating the demands and expectations of your role?

The way you treat others often reflects how you'll be treated in return. For me, openness is paramount. Being transparent and forthright, both with myself and others, is a core value that guides my actions. It ensures that I stay true to my purpose and maintain clarity in my direction.

In the realm of sales, there's no greater asset than genuine belief in the product you represent. When you wholeheartedly believe in what you're offering, selling becomes secondary. Instead, it's about sharing something you love and trust, knowing it will bring genuine satisfaction to those who embrace it.


People of ML: Meet Judita, Our Head of B2B - MagicLinen

If you could magically transport the B2B team to any destination for a team-building retreat, where would you go?

We had an exquisite team-building experience in Paris, specifically in Montmartre. Indulging in delicacies like frog legs and snails paired with fine white wine created memories that will last. Strolling through the quaint, narrow streets of Montmartre, and immersing ourselves in the bustling atmosphere of cozy, intimate restaurants with people enjoying cheese fondue, evoked a sense of quintessential French charm that makes me yearn to return.

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