Summer-Bound: 2018 Linen Clothing Collection

There is something indescribably unique about the first warmer days after a long winter. Your skin, hidden under layers of clothing for months, soaks up the sun. Your nose, attuned to the smell of wet concrete, awakens to the symphony of blooms. Your eyes, used to multiple shades of grey, discover vibrant blues and greens...

It's like you're a whole new person ready for a whole new chapter of your life filled with laughter, adventure, discovery, and a couple of mosquito bites :)

To celebrate this state of mind, we bring you this new MagicLinen summer linen clothing collection featuring versatile designs and a rich color palette*. All of our dresses, skirts, and pants are made from softened linen fabric that is lightweight and breathable.

Discover our new linen clothing inspired by magic places!

Linen dress VENEZIA

From the bustling piazzas to meandering canals and the quiet little alleys with rows of freshly washed linens hanging on the clothlines, Venice offers a unique blend of excitement, tranquility, romance, and drama all at once.

Inspired by the city's versatile nature, our new linen summer dress Venezia with a belt and three-quarter sleeves can be worn day in, day out and accompany you on some of your biggest adventures.

Linen dress SIRACUSA

Those who've always dreamed of traveling back in time to experience the greatness of such great civilizations like Romans or Greeks you should look no further than the city of Syracuse on the island of Sicily. With ancient amphitheaters, grand piazzas, and impressive castles, it is deservedly called "the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all."

Our new linen summer dress Siracusa was inspired by the rich history of this city and its ability to stand the test of time. Designed to have a relaxed fit, this dress will not go out of fashion and will compliment any occasion.

Linen dress PORTO

You might know this Portuguese city for its famous fortified wine, but we can assure you that Porto is so much more than that. The city is an endless stack of colorful blocks unified by red tile roofs, azulejo facades, connected by sky-high bridges and defined by its eclectic community.

Our new linen summer dress Porto was created with the city in mind and emulates its free spirit through a relaxed design and contrasting color palette. With a coconut button closure in the front, this dress is perfect for breastfeeding moms.

Linen dress LILLE

Ornate art nouveau buildings, cobblestone streets, dancing fountains and exquisite French-Belgian cuisine. Need we say more? This and much more is within arm's reach in the tiny city of Lille located in the northern tip of France.

Influenced by the city's charming elegance, we created the new long sleeve linen dress Lille. Made from breathable linen fabric and design to have a relaxed cut, the dress can be worn all year round. It also features a coconut button closure in the front, which makes it convenient for breastfeeding moms.

Linen dress MADEIRA

If striking contrasts are your thing, the picturesque island of Madeira should definitely be on your bucket list. With its sky-rocketing cliffs, sandy beaches, lush valleys, and black lava pools, this so-called "pearl of the Atlantic" will leave you stunned and always wanting more.

Our new linen summer dress Madeira embodies these qualities through its comfortable, loose-fit design and a contrasting color palette inspired by the island's black basalt rocks and the surrounding blue ocean.

Linen skirt VALLETTA

Looking for sun? Known as "the sunniest city in Europe," Valletta truly sounds like a no-brainer! Already revered for its boutique hotels and exciting nightlife, the capital city of Malta is looking to reinvent itself as the go-to arts and culture destination.

Be it theatrical performances, hip music festivals or a quiet evening boat tour, our new linen skirt Valletta was created to easily adjust to multiple occasions. Featuring an elastic waist and button closures on both sides, it can easily go from casual to dressy in no time.

Linen pants CAPRI

Surrounded by rather dramatic nature with the vast Tyrrhenian sea on one side and majestic mountains on the other, the island of Capri has long been an idyllic respite for everyone looking to unwind, create and indulge their senses.

Just like the island's tranquil aura, our new linen pants Capri are all about comfort. Made from softened linen and featuring an elasticated tie belt, they guarantee a comfortable, relaxed fit.

Linen dress MARRAKESH

Remember those kaleidoscopes we used to play with as kids? The colorful patterns and spinning shapes looked like magic back then. If you're looking to bring back some of that dazzling wonder back into your life, Morocco's fourth largest city Marrakesh is probably your best choice.

The abundance of color found in this city was the driving force behind our new linen summer dress Marrakesh. Designed to have a loose-fit and made from breathable linen, this dress is irreplaceable in the hot summer days.

Linen dress FARO

Taking the road less traveled should be your 2018 vacation mantra and the city of Faro in southern Portugal should be your first destination. Often overlooked for its more famous counterparts, Faro offers a fascinating blend of ancient history and modern city life hustle and bustle.

Fit for everything from a stroll on the beach to a night out on the town, our new linen summer dress Faro will easily become a staple in this season's wardrobe. Featuring a coconut button closure in the front, it is perfect for breastfeeding moms.

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