Tips from Celeb Stylist Micaela Erlanger to Achieve the Ultimate Luxleisure Look

With summer getting fully up to speed and heatwaves hitting different parts of the world, luxleisure wardrobe seems like the perfect choice for those seeking comfort but still looking put together. To help you create the perfect outfits this summer season, we have partnered with Micaela Erlanger, an NYC-based celebrity stylist, who has shown us that you don’t have to compromise style for comfort to achieve that perfect luxleisure look.

Micaela says that luxeleisure is really about elevated comfort – choosing pieces that aren’t fussy but are still really elegant, elevated, and comfortable – not compromising or sacrificing style for comfort. She also mentions that if you were to translate the luxleisure style into a wardrobe, it would be a wardrobe full of easy basics and interchangeable staples that really maximize my wardrobe. It would include pieces that are made of quality materials that I would be able to wear well over time and pieces that are easy to care for made of natural fibers. MagicLinen has some timeless staples that could make up the majority of your wardrobe: everything from easy drawstring trousers, super comfy button-downs, jumpsuits, day dresses, tops, blouses, and even accessories.

When asked about her favorite outfit combinations from MagicLinen, Micaela mentioned a recent trend of wearing menswear as womenswear. She picked out our Hana and Sanibel shirts to achieve this look.

“Personally, I would pair an oversized shirt with bike shorts with cute sandals or tennis shoes or do a full little linen moment with a matching pair of drawstring shorts or pants. It’s definitely a trend that I love. You can wear a menswear-inspired top a few ways – layered over a tank, over a tee or over a swimsuit; tied at the waist or tucked in or even worn as- is, as a proper shirt over a skinny jean or a skinny trouser. This is definitely one thing to look out for. ” - Micaela says.

Well, you have heard it from one of the best trendsetters: luxleisure is in and MagicLinen has some great pieces to achieve an effortless, yet classy look. Whether you are looking to spruce up your holiday wardrobe or just want to find something to run errands in, we have you covered.

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