Morgan from The White Farmhouse Blog Shares her Tips on Using Linen Products for House Decor

This summer our team at MagicLinen has decided to introduce a new series to the blog to help our readers decorate their summer houses with linen products. Our first guest to share their tips on the topic is Morgan (and her incredibly cute family) from The White Farmhouse Blog. We were instantly charmed by this amazing family, their authentic lifestyle, and home, and we hope you will be too!

Tell us the story behind your farm: how did you decide to purchase it? What do you like about it most?

My name is Morgan. I am a mom to two boys and work part-time as an RN in Grand Rapids, MI. My husband and I purchased his grandparents’ farmhouse. We live between his family farm and my family farm. Both families are beef cattle farmers. When we were dating, my husband mentioned wanting to buy his grandparents' home, but at the time I thought I wanted to move away. Now, I would say our biggest blessing in raising our boys is having family closeby. When they say it takes a village, I couldn't agree more!

Tell us more about the farm interior decor. What style are you going for? Where do you look for inspiration?

The older I have grown, the more I have realized that less truly is more. I have become more minimal in our living which in turn shows in decor. I have become selective with purchases and with what we bring into the home. I often juggle in my head, "is this a want? or a need?" When purchasing I also ask myself "if no one would see this, would I still buy it?"

Could you give our readers some farm, summer house decor tips?

My favorite way to decorate during the summer is decluttering. I find myself using furniture to make spaces cozy in the winter, but as soon as spring rolls around, I am thinking of what I can get rid of. After spaces begin to look more open and airy, I love to decorate by cutting branches or flowers and bringing the beauty of the outside in!

How did you decide to choose MagicLinen bedding for your boys' room? Why did you choose these particular colors?

It took me a while to decide on linens for the boys' room. Boy oh boy, had I been looking forward to the finishing touches for this room! I love the texture linen gives and wanted neutral colors to carry through the seasons. I chose the striped pillowcases and fitted sheets to add something a little fun without overpowering the room with the rug and curtains combined!

Why do you like linen?

I love linen because of its strength and longevity! It is also hypoallergenic and is breathable! It keeps you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

What's next awaiting in your farm decorating process?

Next, we are working on our garden space! Doug just built a stone foundation for a garden shed, and also garden fences!

For more summer house decorating ideas, follow Morgan on her Instagram @thewhitefarmhouseblog or her blog.

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