Top 5 Flax Linen Sheets

If you have stumbled upon this blog post, you are probably looking for the best flax linen sheet for your bed. With so many options in the market, it’s easy to get lost. Here we have provided our top picks for every kind of bed.

Sheets are usually divided into two categories: top and bottom sheets. Bottom sheets can be both flat and fitted. A flat sheet is a huge piece of fabric that goes above the mattress, it is usually too large and has to be tucked under the mattress (so it doesn’t slip off easily). A fitted sheet is a sheet with an elastic hem and pockets that hug the mattress at all four corners. The purpose of a bottom is to protect the mattress and provide better hygiene as they are much easier to wash. For top sheets, people usually choose flat sheets. The top sheet is the one that you cover yourself while sleeping or laying in bed, so a flat sheet works best for that.

Flat Sheets

Flat sheets have a few purposes - they can be used as top or bottom sheets, they work great as picnic blankets, or anywhere else you need a large piece of fabric. However, if you are planning to use a flat sheet as a bottom sheet for your bed, you need to consider the measurements of your bed. Although there are many flat sheet sizes, it is very important that the measurements of your flat sheet match the size of your bed and mattress. This type of sheet should drape over all 4 corners of your bed. That means that your sheet needs to be wide enough so that you can easily fold it in on all sides of your bed so it doesn’t slip off while you sleep.

White flat sheet
The most common choice for flat sheets is the white sheet. These look super hotel-esque and can match any other bedding color. Some may call it mundane, but we think they give a super chic and clean look.

Colored flat sheets
For those who are more daring with their bedding choices, we have a huge selection of bright rich colors. The colored bedding works perfectly for creating some unexpected color combinations or adds a pop of color to any room. From muted and pastel, to bright and flashy or dark and mysterious, we have it all.

Fitted sheets

The fitted sheet goes directly over the mattress and has an elastic hem that holds the sheet tightly to the mattress and prevents it from coming loose. We advise you to always carefully consider the measurements of your mattress when buying fitted sheets. Since the sheet needs to slide over the mattress like a glove, we recommend carefully measuring the length, width, and thickness of your mattress.

White fitted sheets
Fitted sheets are no exception, white is the most popular color amongst them too. It’s not surprising as it creates a perfect neutral layer for all the other bedding items. We believe it should be a staple in anyone's linen closet.

Coloured fitted sheets
Colored fitted sheets are not a go-to option for some people, especially if they do not come in a set. However, they are a safer option when it comes to spills, stains, and or any other smudges. Color sheets come in handy if you like to mix and match your bedding and do not want to commit to buying a full set.

Sheet sets

If you plan to revamp your entire bed and need everything from start to finish, your best bet is a sheet set. A sheet set is comprised of a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases, so you’ll be all set to give your bed a makeover. Sheet sets come in a variety of colors from neutrals, to pastels, or darks, so you are sure to find something that suits your style.

If you still haven't found a perfect solution for you, have a look at a wide variety of sheets we have at MagicLinen. We have something even for the pickiest shoppers!

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