Top 5 King Linen Duvet Covers

If you came across this blog post, you are probably already familiar with linen bedding and all of its wonderful benefits. Besides looking chic and effortless, it also has that lived-in feeling and look which is so inviting and makes it difficult to ever leave the bed. Additionally, linen bedding had temperature-regulating properties that keep you comfortable year-round, and it gets softer every time you wash it.

However, seeing all these beautiful linen duvet colors that we have at MagicLinen can start to seem a bit intimidating for someone. So, we have prepared a list of Top 5 King Duvet Covers to cover everyone’s wildest dreams.

White Duvet Cover: All time classic
Some may find it too common and ordinary, but we think it’s a classic which will never go out of style and looks stunning in any bedroom setting. If you are into hotel-looking bedding, definitely go with the white one. It looks so clean and fresh on its own but can be easily paired with any other colored sheet set.

Natural Duvet Cover: For nature lovers
If you love the color of natural linen as much as the fabric itself, the natural linen duvet cover is your go-to. Timeless and natural-looking, it is sure to become your bedroom staple. The natural color will add coziness and comfort to your bedroom.

Charcoal Grid Duvet Cover: For a bit of pattern
For those who are looking for a classic, yet more unusual design, we recommend taking a look at the Charcoal Grid duvet cover. The pattern is black and white and is still elegant and minimalistic, yet gives a little bit of pattern and freshens up any bedroom look. The Charcoal Grid Duvet Cover is perfect for unisex bedroom decor and easy to mix and match with other colors and patterns.

Charcoal Gray Duvet Cover: Mystical darkness
If your bedroom is on the brighter side, we recommend adding an accent bedding color. The Charcoal Gray duvet cover is perfect for that: it’s dark and mysterious but doesn’t overpower the room. This color has the unique ability to shift depending on the amount of natural light in the room: it can go from washed gray to subtle purple tones.

Peach Duvet Cover: Calm and dreamy
We believe this color is true magic: it has a calming effect that can help you feel more peaceful before going to bed. It looks dreamy and whimsical on its own and can be easily paired with other colors to create some unexpected bedding looks. And it really is as soft as it looks!

If you are still not convinced about these colors, be our guest and take a look at the rest of our duvet cover collection. Whether you are into neutrals, darks, or brights, we got you covered. See the full linen duvet cover selection here.

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