Set the mood on Valentine's day with these romantic ideas!

What can be better than fresh linen sheets? Quite frankly not a lot. So whether you are planning Valentine’s day breakfast or fancy a night in with your favourite romcoms we’ve picked out some of our favourite cozy and romantic ideas which we hope will inspire you to create your own perfect Valentine's day

Make your bedroom into a boudoir!

Blankets create lush layers and add texture to your bed. Our favourite layers come in the form of linen waffle blankets. They can also be used outside of your bedroom and can keep you warm while you watch The Note Book for the 7th time. When it comes to the color of your linen bedding opt for warmer tones, our cinnamon linen duvet sheet has been a favourite this winter season.

Why go to a spa when it can come to you?

There is nothing more romantic than coming back home to a bubble bath. And if the bubble bath has rose petals, a few candles and a bottle of bubbly within easy reach it might just be the perfect Valentine's day in. Also, you won't need to worry about finding the perfect restaurant and making sure you book it in time. A win-win for everybody! One thing you might want to ensure you have on you is super soft linen bath towels which are not only beautiful but will add a touch of luxury to the whole experience.

Get creative in the kitchen

But don't forget to keep things simple! Things like chocolate-covered strawberries, cheese fondue or your partners favourite dish will do. You are likely not going to stay at the dinner table for too long right. Dishes can be simple but the setting should be romantic, a good idea would be to add some fresh flowers to the table and keep your table linen nice and light.

Beautifully captured images by @TheCollegeHousewife, @lauriedouceur

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