Why Do I Prefer Linen Bedding?

  • Linen bedding has lots of benefits - from health to super easy maintenance.
  • Not only linen sheets are exceptionally durable - they also feel very soft and look gorgeous.
  • In the article below I will elaborate more on why do I prefer linen bedding over anything else!


Linen bedding is awesome. That’s simply a fact no one can deny! Have you ever seen those luxury-looking linen beddings on Pinterest or Instagram? Naturally wrinkled, high-quality, organic, and fancy-looking - linen sheets just invite you to dive into them.

The luxury look of the linen bedding is just one of the million reasons why I prefer linen sheets. Being 100% natural, this ancient fabric is also healthy and eco-friendly, thermo-regulating, moisture-wicking, and exceptionally breathable. Not to mention the nice feel to the skin.

In the article below, I will show you why a set of linen bedding is the greatest treat you could ever give to yourself.






Why Do I Prefer Linen Sheets?

  • Look. The gorgeous authentic look of the linen bedding is simply love at the first sight. Natural wrinkles and neutral colors simply define the unique character of the linen fabric. From the other perspective, it also makes linen a very practical material - you don’t have to worry about ironing it. Creasing linen fabric looks lovely!
  • Feel. Not only linen sheets LOOK inviting - they actually FEEL this way too! The minute you wrap yourself in the fresh natural linen bedding - you don’t wanna leave. Yes, that’s both a pleasure and a danger. Not only linen sheets are soft to the skin - thanks to the unique fabric structure - the surface of linen fabric also has even a nice massaging effect on your skin. Finally, linen fabric is anti-static and helps the skin to retain its natural pH balance. Sounds too good to be true? Try it yourself!
  • Health. I’ll try my best to keep it short now (although it’s really hard because the linen is mostly known for its health-friendly benefits). Simply put, linen is an organic material that has antibacterial, mild-resistant, moisture-wicking properties. It can absorb more than 20% of its weight in moisture! Therefore, linen sheets are perfectly good for people with allergies or other dermatological issues. Moreover, due to its exceptional filtering abilities, linen fibers evaporate moisture and regulate temperature. That’s exactly what makes linen sheets suitable both for cold and hot seasons.
  • High-quality. Linen fabric is one of the most durable fabrics in the whole textile industry. Compared to cotton (which is also a very popular fabric), linen is twice as durable. Therefore, it’s enough to invest in one high-quality organic linen bedding set once in a few decades rather than waste your money on tens of synthetic, low-quality ones.
  • Durability As it would not be enough, linen is actually the fabric that softens with time. After each wash, linen fibers loosen up making it softer and fluffier. Besides, the natural color of the linen remains unchanged, as well as all the great qualities of it.
  • Repels dirt. That’s true - natural linen fabric even repels dirt - that’s why it’s so popular for making bedding sets.
  • Eco-friendly. Finally, if you care about the future of our Earth - choosing linen bedding sheets would be a smart choice. Linen is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics - the farming and production processes of flax do not require any irrigation and leave almost no waste. Besides, flax is considered a renewable and biodegradable resource.


Well, I’ll stop here. To be honest, the list of linen advantages is almost endless. Anyway, I think I already made my point.


In a nutshell - investing in linen sheets is the easiest way to show some love and appreciation to the most important person of all - YOURSELF. Not only linen bedding will last for many years, but it will also be a luxury interior detail providing an awesome sleeping experience.

It’s reasonable to say - linen sheets are for people who give priority to their sleep quality, health, and environment. Sleeping in the fresh linen sheets is an experience that everyone deserves!


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