Sun-Kissed Linen: Women's Summer Favorites Handpicked by the MagicLinen Team

Who better to advocate for our products than the very people who create them? Here at MagicLinen, our team members are passionate of all-things linen. With summer looming ahead, we've tapped into their expertise to bring you their top picks for the season. Get ready to stay effortlessly breezy this summer with the styles our team is sporting!

Senior Logistics Manager Lina's pick:

"Aveira, Aveira, and once again, AVEIRA! 😄 For now, it's just my go-to leisure outfit. It's simply irreplaceable for summer trips to the city or the lakeside, for boating, or exploring the forest. I slip into it and feel super comfy!"

Affiliate Manager Elena's pick:

"I'm really loving the Calpe linen shirt—it's my top choice. It's super versatile, perfect for wearing all year round, and its timeless design matches everything. It's definitely a must-have in any closet, something you'll reach for time and time again!"

Customer Experience Specialist Kornelija's pick:

"My favorite wardrobe staple has to be the men's Nevada shirt. I feel best in clothes that offer a relaxed fit and don't restrict me, allowing me freedom of movement. I also like longer sleeves, and since I'm tall, finding the right fit in women's wear can be a challenge. Nevada solves this issue perfectly, offering an option great for both dressing up on trips or wearing to work."

Product Group Manager Jovita's pick:

"I love Obidos vest because it effortlessly combines simplicity with style! It is easily paired with pants, shorts, or a skirt. It's also wonderful that it can be worn as both a vest and a blouse, making it incredibly versatile. With this garment, creating a Smart Casual look is a breeze."

B2B Sales Manager Rasa's pick:

"Ever since the summer of 2023, I've been absolutely enamored with the Tahiti dress. Its captivating shape and alluring open back grabbed my attention from the start. During the summer, I cherish feeling refreshed while still looking stylish, and this dress perfectly embodies that balance for me."

So, are you ready to embrace the summer in style alongside the MagicLinen team? Dive into our full clothing collection here for even more inspiration and let's make this summer unforgettable, one linen outfit at a time.

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