Every Step Counts: MagicLinen Zero-Waste Program

Being a part of the textile and fashion industry, we take it as our responsibility to be as sustainable as possible and implement green practices into our everyday production processes.

The majority of sustainable initiatives occur behind the scenes and customers cannot actually see everything. From choosing natural fabrics to delivering products in biodegradable packaging - we try to reduce waste in every step of the process.

Let’s discuss each step in greater detail to see how MagicLinen works on being more sustainable and friendly to the environment.

Choosing sustainable fabrics
All of the products at MagicLinen are made from linen which itself is one of the most sustainable fabrics. It is made from flax plants which can grow in very poor conditions and do not require any chemical pesticides. During the production of the linen material, the whole flax plant is used and therefore leaves almost no waste. Lastly, linen is fully biodegradable and in its purest undyed form can decompose in two weeks (depending on the weight and size).

Made-to-order concept
Firstly, to minimize fabric waste and avoid overstocking, we have launched our made-to-order concept. It means that we only keep the stock for the products that are in high demand based on seasonality or popularity. When it comes to products that are in lower demand, we only make them once we receive an order. It also lets us give our customers an opportunity to order custom-size products that are handcrafted especially for them.

Recycling and zero-waste products
MagicLinen has its own production facility where we can have control over the whole process, so it is much easier to prioritize recycling and minimize waste. However, being in the textile industry, some textile leftovers and waste is inevitable.

MagicLinen’s main sustainability goal is to repurpose fabric waste by creating smaller linen products from textile leftovers that also work as a representation of our whole sustainability initiative.

Even though our zero-waste collection products are made from textile waste, they are still as beautiful, practical, and high-quality.

Here are a few of our favorite zero-waste products:

Zero-waste striped linen tea towel
Made from 100% linen, these tea towels are very practical, absorbent, and quick-drying. With a wide range of colors to pick from, you are sure to find one which will match your kitchen interior.

Waffle washing sponge
The zero-waste waffle washing sponge will be a great addition to your home SPA routine. You can use it in the bathroom as a facecloth, a body sponge or it also works as a washcloth in the kitchen.

Double oven mitt
Double oven mitts not only are an original kitchen accessory but we are sure they will become one of your favorite tools while cooking. The items are designed to protect your hands and arms from the heat from all the sides while holding a hot pot or a baking tray. They come in a variety of colors, so it will be easy to pick the one you like most!

Linen tote bag
Handcrafted from high-quality linen, this tote bag can serve as a stylish everyday bag or as a sustainable alternative to plastic shopping bags. The tote bag features two long handles to it is easy to carry. Available in a range of colors, it can suit any style or look.

If you are interested to see more zero-waste products, you can browse the full collection here.

Biodegradable product packaging
Lastly, we want to make sure that the final step of our product journey is also as sustainable as possible. That is why our primary product packaging is 100% compostable, made out of cornstarch and PBAT, a bio-based polymer, which means it does not leave behind any damaging residues when it breaks down. The packaging will break down in just 6 months. Also, some of our products are packed in custom linen dust bags to keep your products safe during transportation and provide you with a great reusable bag.

We truly believe that every step counts when it comes to being friendlier to our environment. We invite you to shop consciously and choose more sustainable options for your home and your wardrobe.

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