TAB: FAQ - Kitchen & Table

How to measure for a tablecloth?

First of all measure your table. If your table is square or rectangular, measure the entire width and length of the table from end to end. If your table is round, measure the diameter of the table from one edge to the other passing through the center.

Then choose the tablecloth drop. The drop of the tablecloth — a.k.a the space from the edge of the table to where the tablecloth ends — depends on the type of occasion you’re setting up for. If it’s a casual get-together with family and friends, a drop of around 6-12 inches (15-30 cm) on each side will suffice. For a more formal gathering such as a wedding, the drop should be longer, about 15-30 inches (38-76 cm).

Do you do custom orders for kitchen and table linens?

Yes, but not for all products. We do custom-sized orders of tablecloths and table runners only.

Unfortunately, we do not customize napkins, placemats, towels, aprons, or other kitchen accessories. Sorry about that!

Can I purchase the apron in a color that is not listed in the color menu?

Unfortunately, we do not make custom orders for aprons. Sorry about that!

Is it possible to get the kitchen or table linens embroidered?

Unfortunately, we do not offer embroidery for our linens. Sorry about that!

Is it possible to get the swatches of the fabric before ordering the tablecloth?

Of course! Please order our sample set that includes all our colors used for home textile here:

How to Remove Stains from Linen Tablecloth?

We have a few great articles on how to remove all kinds of stains on our blog: