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Here at MagicLinen we aim to create the products that would benefit the positive shift in the textile and fashion industry, as well as would let our customers enjoy them for a long time. While doing that, we believe that every small step matters and we want to be transparent about the sustainable ways we care for our planet, as well as challenges we experience along the way.

Sustainable origins of linen

Linen is a natural fiber made from the fibers of the flax plant, which is a fast-growing and renewable resource that grows even in poor-quality soil and usually does not require any chemical pesticides. In many cases flax grows naturally fed by rainwater without any additional irrigation, making it the most water-efficient fabric. While producing linen, the whole flax plant is used, leaving no waste. The yarn is very stiff, which reduces the need for starching during spinning and weaving, and requires very little amount of energy. Linen is fully biodegradable and can be easily recycled, making it one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world.

Oeko-tex® certified materials

The manufacturing of textiles can be a complicated process, involving various treatments and chemicals which can be harmful to you and the planet. To make sure this does not happen, we chose to be completely transparent and invested in third-party testing. Hence, our products are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they are absolutely absent from harmful substances and chemicals.

Local supply chain & low carbon

All of our fabric is sourced within Lithuania or surrounding countries, and all of our linens are produced locally in Lithuania, minimizing the CO2 impact of transportation. Many of our garments are produced in our own facility, where we can implement further sustainability initiatives. Linen has deep and well-developed roots in our history and culture, which lets us collaborate with the most qualified linen production specialists and implement innovative measures, as well as reduce our carbon footprint.

Recycling and zero waste

With our very own in-house production facility we are able to have a direct impact on production processes, and are very conscious about sorting and recycling all leftovers, something we do for years now. In 2021, our main sustainability goal is minimizing our waste by reusing most of the textile leftovers created in the production process. Already last year we have experimented with Christmas tree decorations that were made from textile leftovers - it was a great success - so stay tuned for more exciting products!

Biodegradable product packaging

In June 2020 we said goodbye to our old product packaging and partnered with environmentally friendly suppliers in order to reduce plastic waste. Our primary product packaging is now 100% compostable, made out of cornstarch and PBAT, a bio-based polymer, which means they do not leave behind any of the damaging residues that plastics do when they break down. The new packaging will break down in just 6 months (180 days), it is certified for both home and commercial compost. In addition, some of our products are now packed in custom linen dust bags to keep your products safe while they travel and provide you with a great reusable bag that you can use for storing anything you wish.

Biodegradable shipper challenges

The road to sustainability is not always easy, and some solutions do not work as expected. In June 2020, we switched to fully BIODEGRADABLE mailers - also known as shippers. However, after few months we got many complaints from you about late or missing deliveries. After further investigation, we found out that this packaging does not endure well the harsh environment in shipping distribution centers, and some of it has even melted. We are currently working on a new solution that is both sustainable and practical, to be rolled out in the next few months.